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Senate passed a bill that will do away with the requirement to have a license to carry a gun. Bill's author, Senator Charles Shorten her, responded to critics who say perm Unless Kerry would put more guns in the hands of criminals is not radical. We've seen advancement of gun laws across In Texas and across this nation leg of women voters. Texas President Gration means his opponents recognized the dangerous impact it could have on regular citizens as well as law enforcement make police and other people in public officers less safe because more people will have the ability to carry a gun without any regulations. The bill was being tweaked by the House and Senate before heading to Abbott's desk, where it's expected to be signed. Latest jobless numbers show the Koven 19 pandemics grip on the nation's economy continues to ease correspondent GeneCo's Sola new claims for unemployment benefits slipped to a pandemic low last week down 92,000 to 498,000. It's a sign that fewer employers air laying off staff and that cos they're hiring. Though it is encouraging to see the number under 500,000. It's still about twice the number of new unemployment claims reported before the pandemic. A number of continuing claims rose 37,000 to 3.69 million. The Labor Department releases the April employment report tomorrow morning. GeneCo's Sola Fox New Test His business will time numbers on Wall Street. The Dow is down 32 points, NASDAQ Down 99 points and the S and P 500 down 13 points. He's also brought to you by clarity, windows. I'm the W B A P News desk. I'm Nicola's say Your next update is at 9 30 24 7 coverage. WB ap dot com Thing this is the news and talk of Texas D FW's Liberty Loving Latino. Chris. Sell Saito right now on use talking 20. W B A B W B a P Doctor home, folks. I can't tell you what it's like. I have Such support. Around around the show from the crew. That's behind the scenes. No, really, I can't tell you what's like that is no, no e Let's say every single day we crack open the mike What you what is Lee say to us? Say to me before we get on. Hey, Chris about ready for you. Don't screw it up. That's that's his idea of a pep talk family have a Yeah, that's and that's folks. That's kind for Lee. I, uh that I mean, I had asked him. You know what? Why? Why the effusive praise? I mean, he must have had a good night's sleep. Just don't screw it up. That's the good stuff. Welcome to it. The Crystal Saito show. Look, I've got in detail. We will go over the constitutional carry measure that passed the Senate. House and Senate both passed the bill. Now there's there's another hurt, not hurdle. But there's another. Well, I guess it is fair to call it a hurdle because there's it could be There are some. There's one red flag in particular on the Senate version. I think the Senate Improved in the House bill in some areas and didn't improve on others. So we're going to go through it in detail into the league of Women voters. I say this It's going to be. It's going to result in more people having guns. Without a permit. Yeah. Because a permit isn't called for in the United States Constitution. Now I understand you folks in the League of Women, voters just spies, the Constitution and our constitutional rights. I get it. I understand it. I just oppose you. That what? You're afraid that we're gonna have more of our constitutional rights, which, by the way, our founding fathers believed our rights were given to us by God. And that only legitimate governments. Work to preserve those God given rights. I understand you legal women voters couldn't give a rat's rear end about that. I get it. You're just wrong. Not only you're wrong. You're dangerous for this country. And by the way, T o the arrogance of your name League of women voters. I know a lot of women out there. Who could shoot Who could shoot so well could shoot the ward off of a natural or end. At 100 yards. The idea that you speak for women. In your irrational and end childlike fear of firearms. Respect them, but fear them No. No. You're a bunch of Children. The League of Women voters. And I am not inclined to listen to a bunch of Children. Who don't who probably have never even fired a firearm. And you want to put me and my family at risk to the criminal element. Got news for you folks. The league women voters, illegal guns and criminals. They already got the guns. Bad news for you. And bad news for all of us. And I can tell you from personal experience when an active shooter Our criminal start shooting up a joint You're not going to be praying for some help from the League of Women voters because they're not going to be anywhere to be found. You're gonna be Praying that you have a side arm. To defend you and your family, whether you be a woman or a man. You're gonna be praying for a firearm to defend your family. And I can guarantee you. The league of women voters wouldn't give a rat's Criminal. That they seek, apparently to empower. We'll get into all of this hot and heavy toward the end of this our main time. The Sheldon case..

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