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The fastest three hours in media is eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two, you know, sending or bringing along special gift on mother's day. Weekend is a nice touch. Now, we have discussed over and over again, how flowers are almost an automatic. And they work even though they're automatic they're expected, and they work every time they try and even at that. There are people who want to go above and beyond because even though flowers work, and even though they're expected just want to answer to it. You don't know quite what? And I have an idea for you and a go great together. And that's Sheri's berries. We know flowers are a must. But what else could you bring? What else could you send that will spark a great conversation? But most importantly, this to me is the key. You're leading all of the women in your life matter to you. On mother's day. You're letting them know that you thinking about them. Everybody loves realizing they're being thought of. And it's not a given. Folks. You might think your mom is constantly aware that you're grateful that you're thinking of her, but she may be but nothing replaces actually hearing it. And the moms are special to boot. They're always there, rain or shine good or bad moms, always encouraging. I mean, I know there are some exceptions there times, you didn't deserve to be encouraged. You might not have been always count on your mom, and they've always looking for ways to show appreciation. And oftentimes it's the little things that make a greatest impression and Sheri's berries flowers and some Sheri's berries to it. These are fantastic. They're the biggest strawberries you've ever seen in their dipped in chocolate light chocolate dark chocolate and in their decorated all kinds of things like chocolate chips. Many chocolate chips are Swizzle chopped nuts, and they look handpainted. No two are the same. They look pay. So big you might need a knife and fork to eat them, they go great with champagne too. And are great conversation for people who've never seen him. I'm still stunned at Sheri's berries can get enough of these gigantic strawberries to fulfill the demand, but they do they ship them overnight in packaging that keeps them killed and thus fresh half a dozen arrive in a specially made box to preserve their beauty because each one is essentially a handmade work of art. It's just nineteen ninety nine for half dozen or you can double that for an initial ten dollars. And it's easy to get them. Go online to Berry's dot com. You'll see a radio microphone.

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