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The drought insiders forty three thirty nine. Maryland, here's cower with the basketball batches the left side. I ala he breaks it back out to counter swings. White to more so more so rebels to the baseline against Romeo. Dow pulls up misses the shot rebound Fernando inside they scramble for it. And they're going to call sacra Roberts for the foul been charged there on morale thought Romeo did a nice job sliding over taking the contact there. That's a tough spot to being if your Romeo Langford because morale was just just bull right to the basket there. I thought he should have got the charge. Call y'all more sell. Well, inbound looks fires into Cowan Cowan on the right word. He brings it back down into the lane. He goes inside. It's tipped away. But into the hands of Iowa's got an outside now back into Fernando. He's not going away. Again. I got a call. Another follow Justin Smith. That's his fourth that brings Spitzer off the bench again variety. You. There is not much there. Look like, it was all. Chevy inbound. It'll be made by more cell who looks and then throws it into Fernando Fernando holds on the right wing and had that op. Can't Fernando will try to back down Jawad Morgan. Now looks throws it outside and the hands of Allah, who drives he turns around forces upper shot won't go and the rebound comes to Indiana. We've got another foul call this time, it's down low against Fernando. That's good defense by Vaclav or it's out there on the perimeter tease long, and I'll even say athletic on. He does a nice job dribble penetration. And then closing out to that fadeaway jump shot when Indiana needs to stop most can always count on Zach mcroberts, he's been just absolutely special defensively over the last couple seasons. That was a great example of it right there. Wiggins comes in sorelle Smith. Along with think Lindo and now mcroberts with the ball, fry guest Jawad mortgage outside the fetched or he goes right side Roberts Roberts dumpster. Did. Did you on John looking? Tries to work in the baseline puts it up and MRs but God is all rebound. A tip. Jon Morgan continues to be a man download. Polls Indiana within two forty three to forty one coward drives right pulls up throws it outside into the hands of Smith. Searle Smith gives it back outside the Wiggins now to Jalen Smith. He tries to work on Jawad throws it the quarter to Wiggins Wiggins fakes lost the handle almost stolen away. Wiggins gets back throws it outside. Here's a by Lindo. He misses the docket battles down low and a nice take by Wiggins. Now three on the way. It's off the Mark number rebound. Jalen Smith inside. Smith. Looks lost the handle ball batted out of bounds. Indiana basketball, both of Indiana's base there. Right underneath the basket. Jalen Smith's, got it straight up in the air that is taught by this coaching staff. Jalen Smith still struggle scoring over an outstretched hand, Jon Morgan. And did a great job underneath by you with a chance to tie. Go ahead. Here's John Morgan outside. The he gives it off. The mkx Roberts, Nick Roberts. Thou-? Dumps it into Joon Joon workshops bet that low and there's a file call. And I believe it'll be on. It is Jalen Smith picks it up the file his first to the ball down. You can see it John's is he's starting to feel it here down. If you're Maryland, you've gotta come with a double team. I think if I'm doin' Morgan. I understand that the double team might become and keep your eyes up and find an open shooter, and they bring Fernando back in the your water Smith goes to the sidelines. Rubio Langford he gives up the rob Betsy fantasy back to light for left wing. He drives down inside throws up rotter battles arou- while go up in the air and is pulled out of there by Anthony coward for Maryland back. The other way, here's a drive by Colin to the whole ways and missed it. But it's. Fernando gets his fourteen point of the game. And he started to become a major role player for this ball club. And here's a foul called on college. Powered picks up his store. Or whistles in this happened in the first half. I think these officials are trying to control this basketball game. Both teams are playing physical defense getting up into a ball handler. Nice job by rob fantasy to handle that pressure attack. Foresee officials blows whistle Romeo and rob will both sit down. Now's Al Durham comes back in the ballgame sotos devante grade in bow from Roberts goes to. Devante green. Green holds it out near midcourt. He feeds left side. Al Durham back to the between the circles. Devante battles to Jon Morgan high post right turns around faces Fernando Joon Max's way back out finds devante than devante gets cut off as he goes. Right back outside with a pastor. Pfitzner added dribbles. It gives it up. The Dow Durham he fires up a three and what a shot by Durham his second three of the game. And that was huge for Indiana. As I you they want normally spot upset shot type guy, how came up at screen grows right up with a hand is facing big three point. Shop for the hoosiers, forty five forty four Maryland on top by a point as has the ball out around the perimeter Joon on him defensively Fernando takes it with one dribble gets to Cowan Cowan cutoff throws right into the hands of Lindow backup to Collin. Now. Download a Fernando he pitches in the corridor for Linda for Dr. He kicks outside the coward for three. And he hit. Wide open. His Anthony Collins for sixteen point of the game. About is the second three of the second half. He's got eight second half points. Forty four forty eight forty four to get a four point lead for the Turks now, devante fights back green. He drives down in low throws up a left hand of the wall of the rebound has taken out of there by Fernando. Back. The other way comes coward. Cowan drives leaped out into the lane. Throws it off. Just speed that time just clicked everybody. And it's fifty to forty four in the lead up to six now. Green with the basketball left side past Alghero Durham breaks it out to the top right side of the whole whistle. Blows offensive foul. Call against Indiana's, Al Durham. Cowan just ran right into our straight up in the air. So the foul call is odd girl that is his first test, and we have time out on the floor. Ten twenty four on the clock Zarrella with a six point advantage at fifty two forty four that we'll be back in a moment..

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