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Now you can lily going to rhetoric like hey man who is this part we can give it to auditions people boom you don't need to tweak it always even par sometimes you see auditions where i'm like oh cool seeing script and i st the size that i get my you didn't have to add joe nocera you didn't have to add like i had a part it went from being from manhattan to harlem and like you got to add that baby i still be you don't need to tweak it to feel black we can do whatever we want with it that's the point of hiring somebody who's good all i'm saying hollywood let's be a little better in learn from dream mcguire that's all that's all you guys real quick real quick like i was while i was watching this we all just watch jerry maguire right that's why we reviewing okay yeah okay right so okay right yeah so so there while i was watching it i was like i couldn't get this out of my head the whole time couldn't get out of my head the whole time i was like you know what if if rod tidwell right he's like he jet he got muscles on them you know like he likes football player and he can he can take them hits but like who winning a fight between rod tidwell and hancock because i don't know i feel like it'd be even doesn't hancock have superpower that he does but did you see rod tidwell though he was he was knocked out but won't he got up well he got knocked out by regular human so like got up doe hancock you know what i'm saying with trains and shit like legit has superpowers does not a rare but but how many concussions has rod tidwell had you know and he survived him but john thank you james thank you i want you to i i appreciate that like i'm not billing you and the way.

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