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In opening game here on top of the jazz might nine to start the third quarter debra basketball bills for the free throw line chalmers up nazis third bucket of the ballgame and the nuggets lead at by eleven sixty to forty nine ricky rubio boobs the basketball right too left here to start the third quarter growth of inside the arctic goldbearing straddles the line answer back behind him to rodney hood whistle in an offer to foul away from the play out rudy gobert illegal the cole yokich gets it into jamal murray nuggets looked attack on air murray has it it goes to the left hand pick and pop with bill sapped millsap for three that was short at a rebound down to rodney hood quote quickly up the floor for utah gallup statellite on murray it's blocked out of his hands it out about last touched by chernomyrdin rodney hood wanted a foul there are no whistle and rubio looks good with nineteen on the shot clock rubio throws it to angles who's on fire from downtown by the way ingles rest the basketball his left hip now puts it on the floor dribbled around the horn gets it to rubio download a favors in the eight gobert east trip to the basketball then tied up and that'll be a kilt call so you gotta think bears gonna win this war don't you let's see what's between between hibbitt wilson chandler if the jazz would it which more than likely they will eight seconds will be all the shock what it here we go gobert absolutely and then chandler reach apps fifty yokich how 'bout that nuggets have at eleven point lead joker has a dribble ahead optic gary hair's head fake on the three gets down to pay paid little cheer dropped liturgy strong rebound yokich capped at over to harass brushed shock shahkot for denver gary rightsided murray wideopen 3 yes sir the blue arab gifts denver their big lever the game they're up by fourteen rubio has.

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