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Dedicated to my favorite sport baseball usually try and put it out around opening day. Of, course, baseball is very different this year the season started late the stadiums are almost empty and by the time this airs. It's possible that the season. Will Not exist anymore. So, this year's Bullseye Baseball Week is going to be a little different to we're GonNa talk about baseball's history I up an interview with Bob Kendrick Bob is the president of the Negro League Baseball Museum. He's had that job for almost a decade. The MLB M is pretty much the only place in the world dedicated to telling the story of the Negro Leagues. The leagues that gave rise to players like Hank Aaron Jackie Robinson. Willie mays and Satchel page not to mention of course, the many players who were never allowed to play major league. Baseball. Bob and I had a really great conversation so I won't say much more than that because I want to get out of the way but. I'll just say that even if you aren't a fan of baseball I, really encourage you to hear what Bob has to say about this remarkable piece of America. Let's listen. I. Welcome to both I am so grateful to have you on the show. I certainly appreciate the opportunity to join you. Thanks for having me. So Bob, this is the one hundred th anniversary of the start of the Negro Leagues and I want to talk about the Negro Leagues in a minute but it occurred to me that I should ask. In what context were African Americans and other dark skinned people in the United States playing professional baseball before a hundred years ago before nineteen twenty. Professional baseball goes back decades before that. Oh absolutely and African Americans. Playing professional baseball goes well before the actual formation of the Negro Leagues here in Kansas City in one, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty. Jesse we've been playing baseball since the late eighteen hundreds and actually there was some evidence of African Americans playing even while being enslaved. So it was certainly not a new phenomenon for black folks to play baseball. Unfortunately, it was so haphazard and booking agents were taking all of the money..

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