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Desert. The center of their commune would be Barker ranch a property belonging to one of the Manson girls, his grandmother's located just south of the town of Bala wracked where Wyatt and Billy begin their road trip in Easy Rider. The bikers played by Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper, think they're journeying into freedom when in fact, unbeknownst to them, the beginning of their road trip is the beginning of the end of their lives. Similarly, The Manson family migrated to Barker ranch on promises of utopia, unaware that their community was signing its death sentence with the move. The months they spent, there would be their last stand before the LAPD which finally put to into together and put Charlie behind bars. And it was also in terms of the Manson families notoriety just the beginning by the following year Manson and his followers were nightly news superstars and a major European Autore would release a film shot in 1968 which in these endeavours rally as the backdrop for psychadelic era free love a radical stance against the establishment and visions of the Apocalypse seem to unconsciously Channel the Manson family nightmare. Join us want you as we move with the Manson family and Michelangelo Antonioni to death Valley.

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