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More capable of winning on the road i think there are more complete offense would they got levy on bail they gotta antonio brown they got ben roethlisberger and on so i'm going to honestly disagree and think it means sordid and was only pittsburgh it'll be better equipped to win on the road because new england doesn't play on the row every year to get a win two gains a home there were no shoe games and foxborough to go to the super bowl that's how that works that's right off it is now ward new that's why they needed more because they can't win on the road my my my thing is they don't have to if they can't win is a small sample size talking about their tori look bowl of these teams a cable will escape but i will say this to ourselves worldly results this year they've lost of including wanted to bears will you go what are they held the steelers door they're not awake ties with them i think i have more doubts more doubts about moving when here at tom tom brady went out quarterbacks to win ten games against the steelers having done so in just twelve games twenty nine touchdowns should just three picks along the way that in your ten to one ratio touchdowns interception second best against any appointed as a starting quarterback former patriots lineman current espn nfl analyst damien woody on the right time with omani jones and why the pats of at so much success against pittsburgh we got steals a pass this week it first day what is your thought a wise these lives steelers can never beat them warwidows they style given tom brady to an insult to the test on egypt's somebody play the same the same type decent every time they play tom brady's the flight do what are your outdoor when he's not what are you guys doing i mean you go out there you could play against plaguing tom break planning is still a sean him the answers to test it seemed like every single playdoo tom brady maize on equal slightly in twice you and dice do you like a surgeon so it's still have.

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