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Of in the case now on behalf of a university california had a lot to lose financially from myth and is really goes to the main issue in the table that nobody's talking about sanctuary city if you can't take the money out of it i don't care how big of a wall how many people or how many hours of thought ready i agree with that it take the money out of it yeah i liked i like that this is why my my list of deliverables on this has to be verified sanctuary cities chain migration lottery vis i mean all of that has to be permanently codified all of it rehman arroyo has some up breaking news representative darrell eissa of california will not seek reelection ninety one gene it was going to win that's why he he he was he was on in for a fight of his life what do we have that one republican left in california ed royce also whose head of the international relations committee in the gala nasran what you're seeing in california if we make the wrong decision here and we still have illegal immigration illegal immigration plus eight hundred thousand new voters what you're sought what you've seen in california has already begun to happen in verge genuine demographic change virginia was a solidly republican state virginia north carolina georgia florida eventually texas the democrats are infirm four i permanent supermajority if they can demographically swamped this country with individuals who don't have a real vested interest in assimilating into the american experience because remember the the old days you could rely on public schools to include call kate civic patriotism belief and contrary love of country now the kids are taught that president trump is a racist that we are on rise founded on those of the other countries founded on racism you go to move on dot org i want their yesterday to torture myself that website i went there and they have they have an article up there a call to action every confederate word i monument statute black has to be removed from the country period they i mean that you know what i mean they're gonna just remove any vestige.

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