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Of comedy is monique. Who is at its monique. It's adele givens Laura hayes and it's samore oh are you kidding yolly the only them as money i know yeah Did any of those women get their own show. This like every person in this list got basically his own show mony mony quals like had the parkers like spilt like mony mony because an oscar but only has comedy specials called monique. I mean like did you get like something with your name on it like that. Yeah yeah there's no like the equivalent for any of that. Because i know that like laura hayes and a delegates have been on a billion television shows but nothing like called the laura show or like the adele given show or whatever. Who weekly is casey wilson. Who are them She don't need twenty nine seconds. Abyss his casey wilson. A who were them. One two three but you know h no. She's on the edge of your mouth. She's a she's a she's a who i think her whole thing. Calling judy greer them. Casey would be offended if you called her them her whole deal. This woman is able to have an acting career and very successful podcasts. Makes her a who. Because it's not like the called like like don't even know like bloop but you want memoir but it's like essays you know it's not even necessarily kind of like the traditional memoir story it's like it's esa essays. I mean that are about her. But you know what. I'm saying if you like i feel so vinnie who's right memoirs with titles that are essentially like slide whistle sounds. Yeah the wreckage of my presence like god. No i'll i'll read this but they're self deprecating. But i think the fact that this woman has a podcast that's really about the bravo franchise like is very much. It's not like it's not like about my own work or like interview other famous people. It's like she has a podcast. That is not too far from our podcast so clearly. Yeah yeah yeah. that's huge. that's huge. That's huge very popular and more popular than our podcast but still in the realm. But also i think like isn't is a. I don't know that we've ever said this before. We we have but like a hallmark of a who is out there and underdog and that sort of always been. Casey wilson's narrative like to to stand casey. It should remain that way. exactly right. Which makes you which character trait like with wilson fan. That's a niche also happy endings. One of the shows of all time to is still one of those shows that people are like. Why don't more people this show and it's like if it remains that way that is what makes it special. I would argue that. You should not want anyone to care about that. Show any more than they did. Because that show will not be special people. Start carrying about it. Even though it's over last call island bobby I'm calling because despite the fact that you talked about columbo all over tuesday's episode you never one in firms whether or not peter falk is a who are them. I think he's events. Because i am part of john cassidy's stand twitter and everybody who love john catholic. Betty's movies love. Peter falk There's overheard subsection of like hanes and twenty something. Who are really into colombo as a result. So peter cahora oregon stark and by peter falk one two three who who i almost said them but i guess like no one under the age of whatever knows who peter falk is. I think it's just. I think he's aged out of them dumb and he died ten years. He was colloquial. So he's as colombo. yeah he's also iconic in in the movie it's a mad mad mad mad world one of my favorite movies of all time share. I'm not a big cut. John kasich cavity stan. And ideally john kass editor whatever. What does she say. I'm gonna call. John is also a who know. What about nick isn't the children are them here than he is. Spicy today. live is to make you them here. I think can okay. That's new to me news to me. John cavities movie them. I think movie well. The name of veggies is of movie them name right now. Who is thousand of them. Cellini there are so many of these. It's like it's like the coppola the bullets and then their secret. Coppola change their name from copa. Which is crazy to me because like that very lucrative cassidy's exactly god. I don't even get into this. Because like i don't need. I don't need the ire of film. Twitter in our hotline. But i'm gonna call both of these. Who's okay do you think that. that's okay. cher is with you. I will definitely. i would say john cavities. Who was his widow has conic widow general in general and who were them about that. Sisterhood of the traveling pants general. Rollins wasn't she in that. No she not no not god. Seaver sister via secrets of wasn't she in that. No you're confusing her with being the older woman in like the notebook and she's the old woman in something to talk about. She's the old woman in late. Okay fine all sorts of things great. Yeah she's great and all that stuff who was the old one and divine secrets of the sister now. Good thing her too. she's good. Who is she. I mic divine secrets with traveling pants. That's the first the first brain fart was in case you're wondering like the line of thinking there is no you know it's not a fun. Happy abby movie divine secrets of the cistercian. Like this is what this is why. That movie didn't like stand the test of time because it's like miserable to watch it. You know even though it was a huge book and a huge movie. I rented it in high school because like my mom. Read the book and liked it and the and the trader looked fun. And i like sandra bullock. And i was like oh l. a. Here out here in hollywood video renting divine tickets the sisterhood and taking it home in my mom goes. Ooh that's a depressing movie. And i was like what it is. What are you talking about is. Who's the mom it some ellen. Burstyn my god okay. Sorry not too far away. A lot of this whole movie is old women. Because you have ellen. Burstyn maggie smith and shirley knight great lineup. You'd think if the movie was less depressing it'd be a huge thing. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah we can hear how about that. What if we ended here with destroyed. All i remember from it and it was depressing. Go yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. I watch it now. I want to rewatch it. S really great song. Bob schneider song hometown hero came by stuff they give. You're listening to another episode of. Who's there with call in show where we take your questions comments and concerns six one nine who them keep calling in that hotline sports on patriot dot com slash. Weekly twice weekly bonus episodes. Thank you to katy eric..

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