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W Authorities in Italy are. Calling it an immense tragedy abridge has just collapsed in. The port, city of Genoa they. Say dozens are feared dead we'll. Have the very latest ahead one woman is dead at a man in custody after. A deadly, shooting in walled lake government looking at ways to tackle e. Cigarettes being, used by teenagers good. Morning I'm Tom Jordan morning I'm Roberta just saying f w w j NewsRadio nine fifty. Also coming up in sports here's Tony make it three wins in the last four games for the Tigers after they knocked, off the, White Sox yesterday Comerica park we'll take a. Look at Michigan's fall camp our the ovaries doing as they get ready to open. Up the season on September first sports, coming. Up at eight forty five plenty of sunshine today. Says AccuWeather a hot one a. High about ninety right now some Hayes metro. Airport is currently seventy, degrees WW. Genius times eight thirty two this is a horrible. Scene in Italy this morning a bridge collapsed today in the Italian port city of Genoa killing dozens, of people according to To the local. Ambulance service some people are still stuck in the rubble BBC correspondent James Ronald these. Questions will, be asked as to why this bridge apparently has not been. Able to, withstand weather conditions or. Whether some other factor is responsible for this just a bit of background the bridge itself. Viaduct was built in the nineteen sixties and was restructured rebuilt reinforced in twenty sixteen there will be strong questions about why, that renovation, has not kept people safe and official with. Talion firefighters say some twenty vehicles were involved in that bridge collapse two people had. Been extracted alive from vehicles although they, are. Injured London's Metropolitan Police say that they are treating. A crash outside of parliament as. A terrorist incident man was arrested on suspicion. Of terrorist offenses after, the silver. Ford Fiesta collided with the number of cyclists and. Pedestrians before crashing into the barriers during the morning rush hour the BBC's Daniel Sanford is out Outside new Scotland Yard the driver of the vehicle appears. Largely uninjured it's not hard to be shot, by armed police but has been successfully, detained, and taken to a police station. In south London for those tuning in the man who's been, detained, is in his twenties in his late twenties as being held probably subject police station President Donald Trump has calling the crash and other terrorist attack in London. He tweeted this morning quote. These animals are crazy and must be dealt with through toughness and strength terrible, situation in Oakland County. A woman as dad her boyfriend in custody with a very latest let's go live to w w J's. Charlie Langton well a board of the wall late. Please had been to this location before in the, past not too long ago according to, a neighbor now when they arrived one woman was found dead in her boyfriend. Eventually in custody a neighbor who hurt says that he heard eight or so gunshots in this home around midnight this is a homeless divided into. Four units zone walled lake. On west maple road Aaron and Juries lives in the complex with the couple. They say he says, that the couple got into an argument he. Heard things being thrown around this all happened again around midnight then he heard shots he fell to the ground. Call police the shooter the boyfriend took off, from the scene here's gone he fled, the scene And And they call them somewhere down the. Line they did catch. Him he is in custody board makes us even. Worse is that the couple and who are in their twenties had two little kids ages, four an infant and those kids were in the complex in the house at the time of the. Shooting they are. Okay reporting from walled. Lake Charlie Langton WWL Jane NewsRadio nine fifty WWE news time eight thirty five a tribute to the Queen of soul last night Yeah Curtis Listen to that was a DJ Kellyanne opening up for beyond, saying Jay z. at Ford field last, night the headliners dedicated their performance to a wreath of Franklin when they took the stage WW city, reporter Vicki Thomas was there last night joining us, now live and local with more good morning. Vicki, yeah it was definitely a special. Concert last, night, Tom a special tribute to reap the Franklin during the beyond, saying Jay z. concert at Ford field DJ Calot played or rita's hit song respect as he opened the show for beyond saying Jay Z's on the run for. Two and then the beehive went crazy as beyond, saying Jay z. dedicated their concert last night to Detroit's own Queen of soul and beyond say saying that Aretha Franklin has changed all of our. Lives it was a high energy show that lasted until around. Midnight I think fans definitely got their money's worth, reporting live and local Vicki Thomas WW j. NewsRadio nine The government China tackle teen USA v cigarettes FDA is considering banning flavored, e cigarette liquids facing skyrocketing used by teenagers federal regulators. Are also being sued by health groups for, delaying regulation of vaping products including flavored liquids that, appeal to teens according to the two thousand. Seventeen, national youth tobacco survey more than. Two million, middle, school high school and college teams are using electronic cigarettes which, are now by far the most popular tobacco related product among young people according to the study nearly twelve percent of high school students used an e cigarette in. The previous thirty days Jim Chenevey CBS news Amazon, has everything for back to school zebra lunchbox check cool Adidas gear like t shirts shoes and backpacks check triceratops folders and pencils check.

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