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Can't you defend it because he's a three star josh mattel at the time of his commitment was a two star the ended up michigan's third worst committing the twenty sixteen class and look to use a multiple year starter at safety he was one of the best players in the defensive backfield for michigan last year he see i would imagine we'll have if everything goes as i think it will for him he'll be an all big ten player this year and sometimes you just you got to look at what the stars are just say like a three star okay that just means that they might not be ready early but remember yeah devin bush was a sports star in the composite rankings but i know that one of the services had been bush's the three sides right like it's if not an exact science now it's even more of an exact science for the sake of eamonn is for massachusetts which we all already know is an under evaluated area when it comes to the recruiting rankings yeah you've seen it time and time again from guys stopped pumping generals head over here i don't wanna hear you are right is there i mean i i i'm not saying jay mo excluded massachusetts particularly is an under a valuated area but because you i mean you see guys like a._j. dylan right like when asia dealing committed to michigan people were like whatever we want naci harris now when you look at what they've done on the field i mean yeah you might still want najji for what the the potential feeling is but how many people are going to pass on a._j. dylan right now i mean it you can't do amount stor and he was a three star and coming from that region you've seen it at michigan with some of the guys that they brought in guys like shaun mchunu i know people are you know pretty hard on because ever since the outback bowl when he had had a drop and then he had the have that miscall play where he was in the backfield is a fullback and there was a fumble people kinda give him a little too much issue for that But. it's the name that i wanna compare eamonn dentist to if mike sane risk still and saying we're still probably similar guy in that he was getting the same type of gulf from a lot of the fans until he emerged the spring as an early in rowley as the best wide receiver that participated now no donovan and and nico did not participate this spring but i as far as things that i heard sandra still looked like the most polished it looked like the bigger goto than even nico collins ninety thousand three black did participate and they're gonna utilize him in multiple ways he's the quintessential speed space i heard from someone else yesterday and i haven't even put this out there yet i remember someone else yesterday that he continues this summer to really really really impressed and that he that he looks the part of being a guy that is going to go out there and make a year one impact for michigan and that's what i'm dennis and i'm talking about all these other guys that's eamonn dentist the three star that committed out of massachusetts that is what he is and then you had the two yesterday that that committed and i i was so i was trying really hard on my podcast on wednesday to not spoil who the they were still waiting on three guys right at that time there waiting on a._j. heading in there waiting on these and i was trying not to spoil it but blake corum running back that makes their second running back commitment in the class along with gauge of arsia i'll talk about him in a second but lay koram's our forth from saint francis academy in baltimore people wondered if that biff poggi with him leaving from being the assistant head coach at michigan and going to saint francis academy if that was going to pay dividends it didn't obviously a couple years ago when people were really hoping that was going to pick michigan out of saint francis kademi but they have a war guys from the one school right now i thought it was crazy in twenty ecksteen when they had three guys from you know from charles flanagan highschool outside of miami not devin bush josh mattel devon gill this is a different story this is an even bigger programs saint francis academy on the show a couple of weeks ago we got to go to a break i to pick up from where you can save all of this when we get back we're talking with isaiah ho for move marines wire we're talking about recruiting in this recruiting class that has developed into something exciting is as got me holding on the bite of the bit wait for and talk about this running back and he was just getting into it matt said we had to go to a break you're listening to the end zone this is the zone download the -tuni- net so you can take ticket wherever you go listen in ann arbor and beyond sports doc ten fifty w._t. cayenne arbor a cumulus station.

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