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Michael chang banglades radio network on the call nick bonino added emptynetter is second of the game and despite only twelve shots on goal the penguins take the opener at home five two three game two is wednesday night baseball or should i say base brawl in san francisco on the pitch inside it an harper just pointed out eddie throws there is a the dugouts separate strict was down charlie slows in the national radio network hunters strickland drill brice heartburn the hip after harper hit two home runs off him in the twenty fourteen playoffs that's right three years ago both rejected nationals blanked the giants three nothing else where the astros trail the twins eight to two in the eighth inning but then their offense exploded and beltran cracks down the rightfield wall is and it is god the poll three iran all wrong carlos beltran the astros now waited it hurts hey they have scored sara lee eighthinning robert ford astros radio network houston rallied for these sixteen two eight win elsewhere the auriol snapped a sevengame losing streak beat the yankees three two two red sox lots of the white sox five four david price three runs in five innings in his season debut indians beat the aids five three tigers outscored the royals ten seven raise top the rangers ten eight in the national league the dodgers won their fifth straight five one over the cardinals pirates walked off of the diamondbacks four three home run by andrew cut jin after pittsburgh go to run lead and the top of the ninth metz beat the brewers forty two padres over the cubs five to marlon.

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