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It. You know that you know the jets are gonna reach for somebody else anyway. Oh, stop. No, they're gonna take him. No, it's all coming together. Oh, baby. What's coming together? The end of my career? Oh, I mean the jets finally. Richard career just getting started. Thank you. I'm trying to be optimistic for you. Very good. Hey, hey, last night. Be honest had a night. You could say that. And Giannis had a week. Could you make this case? You make this case. And I asked two thirds of the rich eisen show basketball podcast for all podcasts can be acquired. Adam chud win, who is the guy who says hello. He has you at hello when you call to the rich Ozzy church. He's the call screener, okay? And so he and the two of you talk about this every single week. Episodes drop every Wednesday. We're all podcasts can be acquired. You could make the case that at the beginning of this week, Giannis was not the most valuable player of the NBA. Correct. You can make a case that he was, but you could also make a case that he wasn't like that this was an MB yo kitch, two man race, just because you know voters are like, hey, how did it last? Well, yoga category last year, Giannis had won two. That's correct. Right. Or that embiid had the edge because jokic had it last year. Right, exactly. Right. So Giannis is the MVP now. Is that what you believe? I gotta say, rich, just the week that he's had, and in more importantly, it was against who he had it against, right? So this week he played Philadelphia and dropped 40 and 14, including the game winning block of MB to seal that victory on the road, then goes to then plays against Brooklyn, goes to Brooklyn. Last night, and just took over 44 and 14. Down ten late Kyrie's first home game. Harry's first home game, Durant didn't have, didn't have a huge game, but Durant was cooking in the second half, Kyrie was doing his thing first home game. And Giannis hits the game tying three to send it to overtime. That was amazing. And then hits the game winning free throw. Free throw. Free throw. Free throws, Giannis had a great night at the line. I think because of the opponents, the back to back 40s, passing Kareem on the all time bucks list. I mean, look Giannis started yesterday. 17 to one to an MVP. After last night's game, he's 6 to one. So I just think that was the best odds or not the best. It's still embiid, but I just think yoga is just that he's done it. Is to assist per game shy of averaging a triple double and there's done it without two of his better teammates. Jamal Murray and Michael Porter junior and embiid with all the things that's been going on in Philadelphia, the Ben Simmons, and then the trade and then he didn't say anything either. He pointed that out quite a bit that he could have inflamed the situation. So I turned to team embiid over there and say, what say you? What do you think? Look, man, you know me, I'm a Homer when it comes to these things, but I'm also a basketball fan and I love embiid. He's my favorite player, but my goodness, man. When you watch with this freak from Greeks, does. Beyond impressive, I can remember three, four years ago, when we would say man, if you're honest, could just learn how to shoot a 17 footer, he'd be hard to stop. This man's doing step back threes over 7 footers. And plus he ends, he starts every postgame presser with a dad joke. I mean, he's just, he's rolling right now, and you know, like I said, I personally would love him to win this, but if it comes out, your honor, this is your MVP. I'm just going to apply it because of 19 from the foul line last night. How about that? Just getting it done. Remember last year. When everyone's counting. 15 wasn't the number of made free throws, it was the number of seconds he took just to attempt a free throw. Now, he's actually been better with that this year. Obviously, no doubt. So everything that we said the guy couldn't do or needed to improve, he now has improved her can do. I don't know how you stop him. Every year it seems like he adds an element to his game because he knows what the people are saying about him about what he needs to improve on. And look, I said this in our RES hoops chat with Adam and TJ. I don't think it's, I don't think it's hyperbole. We're talking about a guy who could win three, four MVPs, and three, four championships when it's all said and done. And if he does, we're looking at a guy who's top 8, top 6 top 5 all time. He's gonna pass a team. He's gonna pass Shaq. Like, we're watching one of the greatest players of all time right now, and I think accept it. There's no stop in the freight train. All I gotta say is making it a little bit about myself right here. He went on this run as soon as I said that he shouldn't trade for him. And so you're welcome, you're welcome, you know? I clearly lit the fire underneath. And what about this one? Yeah, you did. What about this one though? How come we're not naming a player on the team that's got 62 wins? And every single guy that we've talked about so far, none of them, the sixers? The bucks? Have as many W's as Memphis. How come we're not talking about morant anymore? How come we're not talking about Booker or why not? The problem with morant rich and we talk about this a lot on the podcast is for as great of a season as jaws having, Memphis is, I believe, 18 or 19 and two without him in the line. So that kind of hurts your argument. Missed a lot of games. You missed a lot of games a lot of games and they have played their level of play hasn't dropped with him out of the lineup, not taking anything. But that's a special player. I think he's going to be in the MVP conversation. Within the next four or 5 seasons, but when you talk about Phoenix rich, that is, they play a team basketball. And it's crazy because they've been talking about this on Turner.

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