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Obviously could go up as the investigation continues but this happened at third and pine right outside that McDonald's in in in this room really there's really no other way to describe it but crime infested part of Seattle in in my career here in Seattle covering news I have covered several shootings down at this location you know it's right near like Benaroya hall is right near pike place market is where it's a couple of blocks up from pike place market this is this is third but either I I don't know how many shootings I've covered in this little elf couple block area that McDonald's there the but what we're told is that or at least what witnesses tell us is that two people at least two people got into an argument and started firing at each other and that's what started this whole thing we're still trying to get all the details of what led up to this police haven't said what led up to this that is a witness statement of of of what happened by data as we said one person is dead seven other people have been injured including a nine year old boy an adult woman who is in critical condition in this wasn't the only shooting in Seattle today because we were down there earlier covering a separate officer involved shooting just a couple blocks away that we're told is that the appears right now is on related that was a part of the officer our existing enforcement operation that does not appear to be connected this time to this mass shooting at third and pine and then of course last night again just a couple blocks away in the same area of downtown you had the shooting at Westlake center that left one person dead so it's been a very violent twenty four hours in Seattle yeah thank you Jeff Bolger ladies has been violent in the police are actively investigating all of these incidents they do have a tip line set up if you have seen anything or know anything about this two oh six two three three five thousand companies time eight forty seven the wet and rainy weather today's horoscope.

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