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How to keep something in mind the Democrats have already put their proverbial best foot forward right that's what they've done they've already put forward the proverbial best foot presidents floors haven't anything so the Democrats will get there twenty four hours over two days the president's lawyers will get there twenty four hours of for today and I suspect they're going to even disarray but the Democrats have done because this filing today the proceedings before the United States Senate trial memorandum of president Donald J. trump is a killer is a killer and I guarantee you that most of the legal analysts on cable TV certainly an MSNBC in constipated news network in virtually every one of the hosts in virtually every one of the commentators have not read it we get as I call it on freedom of the press thanks to professor Daniel borscht in the late great professor university Chicago in the later director library Congress pseudo events after several events I ended the first hour by saying there wasn't any violence in Richmond Virginia the pro second amendment pro liberty protests were enormous number of people showed up so for days we had pseudo news as the president rightly calls it fake news the governor of Virginia formally a black face fine formally of post birth abortion has now figured out how to win approval by the Washington compost on the left will get to the washing compost yes Lou hard left any brings in all these law enforcement experts wares county is from the state other states have dot com ready for war then they got peace you think there's an anti fur protests he brings up Charlottesville he wants you to think all these honorable tax paying Americans we're trying to protect their liberty and the constitution and the bill of rights that indeed applies the Democrats including the governor of Virginia better white supremacists that they're neo **** and that's what the media was trying to portray thousands and thousands of audible hardworking taxpaying neighbors of yours as something they're not just like the Covington Kentucky boys who dare to wear many hats how they tried to destroy them they're lawyers they're trying to destroy you with the president they are a dangerous bunch of people they really are here we have a montage of the news media in nineteen ninety nine during the Clinton impeachment trial Eleanor Clift Dan rather al hunt Peter Jennings Charlie Gibson John Hockenberry our body Geraldo who's been consistent and ginger Thompson the only more witnesses such a distraction tactic news busters got one go then the whole issue is been a sham that shouldn't have gotten this far the house acted improperly in passing it on to the Senate why is your party dragging this thing out why is this happening why go through all this this business about what doesn't do we really need more witnesses it's going to happen once to this thing we should stop this this bogus inflated Taylor case and get on with the business of governance with these people just get down to business and leave this impeachment thing alone it's going to be an enormous distraction to the White House in all kinds of issues that the Congress ought to be considering it was a long line of of the people's business it seems have been put aside and the firm is going to be put aside for weeks if not months now we begin tonight with the voice of the people the visitor who got up and shouted god almighty take the vote and get it over with god almighty the man said take the vote and get it over with here all of this whole thing is that the guy was set up in the Senate gallery last week and said god yes we have this process is Stalinist his action certainly do not warrant impeachment is there.

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