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By Comcast Business at 4 48 of the Cool, Rick Here, your W 24 hour Traffic center Looking at store tracker radar, the heaviest rain concentration northwest of town. We'll get to that. Right the minute Northeastern just concentrated. Slow traffic 85 northbound Still 23 25 minutes 25 to 3 16. Some extra southbound delays trying to roll past trouble. Push to the left shoulder at Pleasant Hill Road watching Officer help motorists there and then in the Bethlehem Barrow County area. Traffic over Taylor calls back trouble in the media Highway 3 16 at Carl Bethlehem Road. Mike Field School. Recover your Traffic center here in Sandy Springs. Police respond to a crash reported North River Parkway at Roswell Road, 400. North down seeing the brake lights through Sandy Springs in 25 past Abernathy Road. Watch out. Incoming crash still looks like in right lanes for north Bound Pilgrim Mill Road exit 16. You're going back to Highway 20 Highway nine to get alternate, 75 north and south and slow Go between Marianne Acworth due to the Web payment, 5 25 north and south on a full house as well between Marietta and Woodstock Traffic lights reported out on Highway 92, a Hames road. And that in a power outage in that area, the support is brought to my mattress firm Get a king bed for a queen price of mattress firm say about the $500 on top aerated brains like silly and Sleepy's tripled in traffic. 95.5 WSB reconnect with a carpool or van pool and dried with people you know and trust safely by forming a commute circle with your rideshare group and following current safety guidelines, you can enjoy your favorite way to get to work in a safe manner for more ways to ride safely to and from work..

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