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Yep for sure you know and and I think that's They're still days for I. Personally Love Love Surgery Right I still do I've watched surgical shows on TV. I. Love Surgery I was very lucky that I was able to actually do a little bit of that kind of stuff in in SM animal labs when I was in Grad school as well and so I do love surgery I enjoy it, and I will say there's some days where I kind of go that would have been a lot of fun and then there's other days where I do get to do those things with my kids and be at their competitions and things like that and I go. I'm really glad I'm here. So you know I. It's definitely a personal decision as to what direction you choose, and I think also really being able to reflect upon who you are and what's important to you and really go down a path that allows you to reflect your values. And really be true to yourself and values are different. That's very legitimate and we all end up in different asset fit us very well. I think that's excellently put i. know there's often the pressure even as graduate student that depending on the lab that you're in or depending on what the other students goals are. There's kind of the pressure if you don't do this, whatever this may be then you're either lesser than the rest of us or you're not fulfilling your goal of your duty and you're describing your decision, you went through to where to pursue a doctorate and I am one hundred percent with you tick the mountains because you never know when you could when you can have the opportunity to do that. I mean they're just absolutely beautiful quality of life. But. I'm curious. From what you're describing, you would think that you would end up to no negative connotation here but a nerd in the lab pumping out research and it sounds like working at Sanford Sports Science. You do a little bit more than that. What was the decision behind that? When you finished your doctor said, you know do I wanna go hard core quote unquote nerd in the lab or do I wanna be more broad and maybe not only basic, but also applied in the direction that I used by degrees. That's a that's a great question I. think part of it is really about who I am as a person as well. So in Graduate School I was also a chair of a conference I was Graduate School Advisory Council. Chair, I was an instructor and my adviser left after my second year and I did my phd over skype for two years because he went and worked at the Australian Institute of Sport as the director of bio mechanics there, and so I ended up doing a lot of that. So I've always had somewhat of a unique experience which I think lended itself to me. Being open to those, I'm also a very social person I like helping people and So actually after Grad School, I ended up taking a job as a an engineer. At L. Communications, which is a defense contractor San Diego and I was the scientist who was diving into data and solving problems and all of those types of things But some of the skill sets that I have in terms of communication or project management organization. That I had developed in other experiences lend itself well to identifying that I'd be really good at working with our customers would be really good at putting together strategies and things like that, and so some of those those skills and natural talents lended itself to my taking on some of those roles and then really training those Al Flurry and then Sanford came looking for somebody to help lead..

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