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We're back from a lot. Just check the paper. And we had a record showing the box the litter box that is now back to over. Here's arden. Welcome back to the show on life radio. I'm your host Ardmore in the house. Well somewhere in LA. I'm here in Dallas, my producers and the south Florida area is an amazing talent by the name of preacher Lawson, and we're delighted to have him as our special guest. Today. We've been talking to a little bit about his role as host of these soon to be airing worlds. Most amazing dog competition. That's airing February seventh on Facebook watch. But I'm hoping we can get into the America got talent season twelve and what you're doing now. So one thing I loved when I was rooting for you and season twelve you have fresh acts, and you just can you kind of describe your comedic style. I am very goofy silly energetic as my stop came in. You know, I I'm just I'm unapologetically me. And that's my style his super physical. I moving around a lot of states. Yeah. And yeah, very good gestures. Or now, would you mind you went to the final she finished in the top ten season twelve. And now, you're back is there one of the sketchy, you wouldn't mind just doing a little bit on. I was thinking about one ac- you had something about or you say some jokes right now. Would you know? If you want me to say so problems you to set me up. You may. So you're doing stand on the show how out right now. That's not a jokes work because because. Because there has to be a surprise element. Well, I work I work on that. Well, speaking of surprising, what some talent that people may not expect that you have. I mean, we do know play the piano. Okay. And what type of music do you play? Jess. Nice to have a dog named jazz. He couldn't play the piano, but I just love jazz. So he was a corgi those short dogs with. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I wish jazz was still around because his world's most amazing dog talent was I would put a picture of the Queen Elizabeth in front of him. And I would say jazz the Queen of of England's coming to visit and he would sit caucus head and do a Royal wave the short leg. It's not jumping rope. Right. That s that's worth one hundred thousand dollars, man. I wish he was still around. I have a dog named Kona right now. And her talent is she's a terrier mix and got her from the shelter com. Shelter lumps. And she actually helps me teach pet. I ate I go all over the country and teach that narrowly approved pet for state. So strangers are pretending to give her CPR and rescue brass and fixing a fake broken leg. And she does it with the tail wag. What do you think of that one insane? Yeah. It is. I don't know do CPR. I don't either around me, but he used Jesus 'cause. Will you would have to be a dog or cat for me to save your life because I only know pet CPR? I'm not talented. I guess enough earn anything. So tell us about how do you build an audience and YouTube and things like that, you know, with some of the goals, you have for two thousand nineteen of two thousand nineteen I have I wanna be on. I want to host the show which I doing that right now. Good goals. I want to buy a house. Oh, nice will be a part of his major sitcom or I want to be on a movie or something like that. I want to build my subscribers up my following up to another level. And I just want to keep moving. I just wanna keep on going forward. My special. I want to do a lot of things I want to book another season, the world's most amazing dog. I think we're going to be rooting for you on that. And when you were in season twelve two years ago did that open a lot of doors for you to be able to do some stand up gigs. Or what happens people always wondering when somebody does really well on American talent what what happens then as my life money now, wait more friends and family members than I remember. I get the tour. People know, why am so it's pretty cool. What's going on tour? You know, people see me. I mean, I've I've epi we'll see with like three times now, which is pretty crazy. We'll tell us about the champions. This is kind of a special competition for America's got talent for the three people out there that don't know what's going on right now. Tell us three because it's a very popular show. You're getting a lot of face time. I mean Jambi is pretty much just the all star of miracles got talent. That's what is just they. They just take all the people that was on got talent. And that was fusion they just knew the favorites fan favorites. Whatever they put us on the show. And these have fun. I guess like Disney World for is fun. There's a lot of fun all every comedian every top comedian was on this show. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And on this show, we got to give you a little brag here. I mean guys preacher loss in advance to the finals because he received the most votes from super fans of the United States. Thank you could be the president of comedy of the United States. I hope not. Yeah. That says some doesn't it for the fans to give you the usher into the finales officer. Sure. All right. This is a lot. I mean, it's pretty crazy. This whole thing's still pretty surreal. I mean, it's weird. But yeah, do you work out. I mean, I see you on stage. And you, you know, and if you actually guys I want y'all go to the Facebook page for the world's most amazing dog. And there's you and George Lopez and all and you're I guess you're trying to channel your inner dog there your wiggling in front of the camera. Can you tell us a little bit about that your camp because I I don't know which talking about all right? Right now. Amazing dog and give you time. And they have George Lopez near not enough. And they said George Lopez up he was a dog his characteristics of his Breen is he has a friendly. Bark quirky annex confident, and they dig is is and whiskers and he gets zero points for frisbee skills. Now, we're going to my favorite preacher Lawson. You're a breed characteristic says you have high energy vocal, you're a great dancer, and you get a ten for attitude. You see them? Well, you're wearing like a burgundy shirt. Did you got the biggest grin on the planet? Yes. It all right. Right. Right, dancer and somebody named April. Allen says you're adorable and that you dance you look like a happy dog energetically wagging his tail. That's hilarious. There you go. Man. Here's a whole new gig. You can do probably after this hosting. I'm assuming this might be worked into a bit for your next stand up. Maybe. Yeah. That's crazy. So fun. I didn't see the associated. Yeah. Yeah. One of those football players when there's you know the show football game. And he's like doing the move, and they're like this guy this college. Oh, yeah. But you do it better. You've got fridge Lawson super loud officer, will you slap your knee to you that added points. Well, you look like a football player. I'm assuming you do a little working out. Actually, never worked got my life. Okay. This is body that just came you were born with it just happened. Just black genetic. I. I work. I love. Thanks. Bye. All right. Smart recovery. You know, what I mean like some people like to like some people like meditate, not do meditate. But like that's a form of meditation for me is working out. What kind of work out specifically, what do you do? You can just see you trying to lift up to BULLDOGS or something. What do you do with the dogs? No I in the next day. I'll run then I'll go to gym next box. Go the gym next time. I'll do the Culver city stairs will do next. How? How nice. Always do gym calisthenics gyms Kevin aesthetics and do is to run my dog. All the time these tiny. I will just leave of it. I'm like, man, you're so slow so. Get so tired. I was like I need a big dog because you're to have an app with me. Nah. I know. I know really. What was it about him? That said I want you to be my dog will made them dog. Was this girl was like, hey, you wanna dog? And I was like this is my chance it wasn't. I got stuck with a dog. You got the dog girl. Right. Yeah. She didn't want building. That's okay. But what did you think about being with think that changed my life before had dogs? Abused dogs. Like, my son is like my daughter the monkey can't be your Sawyer dot stupid because the different species than I got a dog. And I was like this is by that's right. That's right. Yeah. So what what's a life lesson? You think tank tight you wall reasonable big tank? Okay. I would say the I would say life lesson that feel like we all we Sinti and beans, right? We're all sentient beings that we all feel pain. We all have emotions we are. You know, in one of the biggest reasons he taught me is is to just be happy. You know, like his whole life was, you know, a dog's whole life revolved around you gonna have a worst day you get home in the dogs. Like, I don't know happened with your day. I'm having to see you. That's right. You come home. You're happy the happiest man. So glad you're home. And then it makes you feel better. So it's like it's helped me to just just be happy. Whatever you're going through most times not that serious. And you don't get dogs who heckle you like some in that audience. Right. Oh, mark. Yes. I did a dog one time though. So really, I'm sorry to hear that you had tread lightly. How do you handle hecklers? I mean, it's it's gotta be hard because it's a late night and people might be a little toasted. What do you do a little toasted? Well, my personality is I'm like, they'll superlight happy on stage. But I just talk about. I just talked about nice way, you know, it had just have fun as I usually usually they're not super meaning they're just super loud. And they say things like I'll be on stage. And they'll say something like I'll be I'll be like, oh, I went to the rest of the name. Like, I do that all the time. They do the nice. You know, or they always do this. We always say something about Darcy o b twelve your beat me. We're talking about Darcy Lynn. She kind of amazed me being so young gona Vegas. I was a little worried for her. She was only there for a few days. Yeah. Big Vegas little different. Yeah. I think so too there. There's some comedians that you that you kinda hang with or kind of bounce things off of or one or two your brother, Justin breath, Loretta Justin, and a few other comedians them friends with you know, I am really for the most part. I'm just yeah. Just kinda neat. I don't really hang out with that other comedians because I'm busy. Yeah. I think I talked to a few comedians J. He's pretty oh, okay. Why do you like him? Just he's a friend of mine. Yeah. 'cause you do, you know, you're in the in L A, and you got to separate the real from the veneer. Right. Yeah. I guess so yes, I don't really think like. Like that. As I think of everyone's whoever they present themselves to me, you know, do you think the fact that you with your mom and your and near sips, you moved around a lot kind of helped you develop an ability to make friends, or at least a the able to understand people and read them a little better than a few stayed in upstate in the Pacific northwest, all your life..

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