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Performed since the pandemic began. John Roller. Katya Our news. A man is dead after fiery early morning crash for the Valley Metro Light Rail train. Tempe Police say the crash happened Your Center Parkway in Washington around 12 30 this morning when the man's car collided with the front end of the train. Police say the driver died at the scene. The train up for operator suffered minor injuries. No passengers were on the train at the time. 2020 is the greatest challenge the restaurant industry in Arizona has faced for generations to come. That's the word from the chief operating officer with the Arizona restaurant Association, Dan Bogert, he says. Last year they were a $13.4 billion industry. Your Today we estimate that the industry is down about 20% around $2.7 billion has been lost and revenue, he tells Kayce are that's resulted in about 1200 restaurants having to permanently closed in Arizona so far. MBA Hall of Fame player and coach Paul Westphal has died. West all played for the Phoenix Suns for six seasons than coach. The Sun's first as an assistant from 1988 to 1992 then became head coach through 1995, West, all one and NBA title in 1974, playing with the Boston Celtics. He was a five time NBA All Star. The Sun's retired him and his number 44. He died of brain cancer at age 70. What's gonna check now on traffic and weather in the Valley Chevy dealers Traffic center. It's Josh. Okay, well, we've got two accidents to look out for eastbound on the loop to Oh, to both of these are coming in right near Arizona Avenue, where in earlier crashes, blocking all the lanes. But the H O V Lane and a crash further behind the most recent one is blocking Just the H O. V Lane. Expect delays in the area here. Off your freeway drive. Look out for a crash on Osborne, just east of the 51. This reported sponsored by Allstate with Allstate, you can really say, Find out just how much you could save today. Does it all stay calm? We're calling agents to get a quote..

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