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All of the books so that they have the choice and some voters might just not want to be forced to make a choice between one of these candidates because they believe that however it cannot be there go to support also was lower than expected voter turnout in the Iowa caucuses last week lesson three percent more democratic voters showed up for the twenty twenty I will caucuses than twenty sixteen well this may not sound like a big deal turn out for the twenty eighteen mid term elections reach the highest level in the century which may signal democratic voter fatigue still Buckley believes a larger share Democrats is going to vote in New Hampshire than any other primary state I'm Laura Ross Perot Tellem reporting for public news service as voters made their way to the New Hampshire polls democratic presidential candidate Amy clover char and faced some pointed questions about her oversight of a high profile murder case in which a black teen was sentenced to life in prison after a flawed police investigation I mean how do you defend something like that to someone like me who is the mother of a black boy a black teenager as Sonny Haas than his co host of the A. B. C. show the view this case would be my worst nightmare she said clover jar Minnesota senator who is drawn enthusiastic crowds following her debate performance on Friday night said all of the evidence needs to be immediately reviewed in that case the past evidence and also any new evidence labor charge the former top prosecutor in Minneapolis where the cases occurred the back and forth between Austin and clover chart concerned an Associated Press investigation into the case of my and brown Burrell was sixteen years old was he when he was apprehended and the two thousand two death of an eleven year old African American girl killed by a stray bullet while doing her homework no gun fingerprints or DNA or ever recovered and the case against morale relied on the testimony of the teenage rival who offered conflicting stories when identifying the trigger man who was standing a hundred and twenty feet away mostly behind the wall that's what the Associated Press reported they P. also and covered questionable police tactics in the case including an investigator who offered cash for information and interviewed a prison inmate who said that he was the trigger man and that morale was not on the scene when taisha Edwards was shot and killed after the A. P. story club char said evidence in the case should be reviewed but her exchange with constant today was a specially heeded and took place at a pivotal moment in the clover chars candor just sick the US government's top counter intelligence agency has said that it is concerned that Russia or other foreign adversaries could exploit the chaos of the Iowa caucuses to so just trust in the integrity of America's elections the national counterintelligence and security center unveiled the strategy document Monday thank god guiding the government's national security priorities over the next two years the document identifies the U. S. economy infrastructure democracy and supply chains as areas being routinely targeted by foreign governments and in need of heightened protection collection security particularly combating foreign influence in US politics accounts for one of the counter intelligence community's top priorities as voters head to the polls this year a malfunctioning app used by the Iowa Democratic Party because the delay in the reporting of caucus results last week and fueled calls for a re canvassing because of the delay and after observing irregularities in the results once they did arrive the Associated Press said it couldn't declare a winner those state and federal officials say there are no signs to system was hacked counter intelligence officials said they were concerned that disinformation spread by bonds and social media and accepted as truth by Americans could dissuade voters from casting ballots and feed a narrative that the election process can't be trusted the four lawyers who prosecuted Roger stone to quit the case today after the justice department overruled them and said it would take the extraordinary step of lowering the amount of prison time it would seek for president Donald trump's long time ally confidante and political saboteur the resignations raised immediate questions over whether trump or earlier in the day had blasted the original sentencing recommendation as very horrible and unfair had exerted his will on a justice department that trump is as an arm of the White House the department said the decision to shorten the sentencing recommendation was made last night before trump's tweets and prosecutors had not spoken to the White House about it even so the resignations of the entire trial team broke open a simmering dispute over the punishment of a trump ally is cases long captured the president's attention the episode was the latest twin tango but just this apartment meant to operate free from White House sway in criminal investigations and prosecutions in presidential politics the four attorneys including two who were early members of special counsel Robert Muller is Russia team comprised the entire justice department trial team that won the convictions against stone last fall each had signed on to a Monday sentencing memo that recommended between seven and nine years in prison for stone was convicted of lying to Congress tampering with a witness and obstructing the house investigation into whether the trump campaign coordinated with Russia to tip the two thousand sixteen presidential election the daily death toll in China from a new virus topped one hundred for the first time pushing the total fatalities above one thousand today as the World Health Organization announced a new name for the disease caused by the virus in Geneva W. H. O. director general tendrils got breach of announced a new name for the disease caused by the virus cove in nineteen he said officials wanted to avoid stigmatizing any geographical location group of people or animal that might be linked to the disease make it clear it was a new corona virus discovered in twenty nineteen it reaches said the epidemic was very much an emergency in China but also one that holds a very grave threat for the rest of the world he said there was still a window of opportunity to stop it in recent days we have seen some concerning instances of onward transmission from people with no trouble his trip to China like the cases reported in France yesterday and the United Kingdom today the detection of the small number of cases could be the spark that becomes a big got fired but for no it's only as part of our objective remains containment we called on all countries to use the window of opportunity we have to prevent a bigger five the World Health Organization has convened a group of experts to fast track promising tests drugs and vaccines to help slow the outbreak of what's being called novel coronavirus but experts warn it could be months or even years before any approved treatments or vaccines are developed with the death toll reaching one thousand sixteen in mainland China and no end in sight heads are beginning to roll well no central government level officials of lost their jobs state media reported today that the top health officials in who bay province home to the epicenter of the outbreak the city of Wuhan have been relieved of their duties no reasons were given although the province's initial response was deemed slow and ineffective speculation that higher level officials could be sacked has also simmered Ali bear reports China has demoted several senior officials over the corona virus outbreak which is now killed over a thousand however Beijing says the number of new infections nationally and in who bay province is falling doctor Jeremy Rothman from the university of Kent says he believes the outbreak could still worsen it doesn't seem like we seen yet there are a lot of the estimates that the actual case number may be even ten times as high as what's being reported now and we're starting to see more localized transmission in other countries I'm only Barrett the first confirmed case of the knob Val corona viruses been found among hundreds of people who were evacuated from China to military bases in the United States UC San Diego health as a person landed at marine air base Miramar in San Diego last week is in isolation authorities said five evacuees taken to Travis Air Force base near fair for field in northern California were hospitalized after showing symptoms of the virus but none of those possible cases has been confirmed some two hundred evacuees set March reserve air base in southern California was scheduled to be released from their two week quarantine today Kate Frazier reports the one hundred and ninety five Americans have been quarantined at the base since they arrived from Wuhan on January twenty ninth health officials say that no one has tested positive for corona virus so far many of those quarantined all U. S. state department employees it's not clear how they will be released or if they'll be provided with transport to another destination for the hundreds of people evacuated to the US from Wuhan just last week the waiting game continues until that fourteen day mandated quarantine is up they were flown to bases in California Texas and Nebraska Kate Fischer Washington you're listening to the evening news and KPFA Berkeley KPFK Los Angeles KFC friends now online.

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