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Salary increase better benefits and working conditions, including smaller class sizes, but some parents warned the strike is bad for business. That's why this mom says she hopes the union at school district can work out a deal. We're on everyone side. We're on our children's side. We're on our teachers side because our teachers support our children. We just feel that a strike is not good for anyone without compromise a strike could happen in November. It would be the first strike since nineteen Eighty-nine Monica Rix KFI news alleged DUI driver has been arrested in Irvine after two crashes damaged nine cars and killed one woman CHP officer Florentino Olivera said a tow truck driver was tried to slow traffic after the first the first accident to prevent another one from happening early this morning being one after one o'clock in the morning, it's dark. He tried his best. Unfortunately other vehicles in and see the. Dodge challenger in lanes and. That's when the second crash happened the woman who died had a six. Month old baby in, the, car, officer say that, she lived through the initial, impact but. Was, killed when a van piled into, her car the baby, boy did survive a deal to rip up tax deals. Between Disney and Anaheim could leave some workers with lower pay Disney has offered to give back. Two hundred sixty five. Million dollar tax incentive for. New hotel and an it's of that exempted the park from. Paying any new voter-approved taxes for forty five years and mayor Tom Tate says he's very pleased this definitely. Sets a reset button as far as relationship between the city and Disney a local union says Disney's is trying to get out of an initiative which voters will decide on in November that would force hotels to raise wages if they accept tax incentives Disney says it's already agreed to wage increases with many of its workers Corbin Carson KFI news California Republican congressman Duncan Hunter and, his wife. Of pleaded not guilty You federal charges a misused campaign money hunter a Republican represents part of San Diego County says the charges are part of a political. Agenda the top two primary system has, created a problem for Republicans and congressman hunters district the new rules prohibit a write in candidate but Zev Yaroslavsky with UCLA's Lesquin. School of public affairs says that probably would not have made a difference is highly unusual almost so rare that it almost never happens a worry challenger who is a write in candidate in an election like. This could get, enough votes to. Win he says this opens the door for hunters democratic opponent in the Republican district. The top two election, rules also prohibit the.

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