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Do you do more of a Cesar Romero like mine is more minus more? Cesar Romero if he could rape you in prison. Okay. That I and that's my favorite jokers is him. Yeah. And, and for those who don't know that's the joker from man's sixty seven sixty six with Adam west and yeah, exactly. Yeah, but, but I just wanted to do my own take on it. I got brought in to replace an actor who, who is a brilliant, film actor, but couldn't do it in the in, in the studio with the microphone. Yeah. And so I got brought in and it was Andrea Romano, who is a really amazing voice director. She's since retired. She yeah. She had a health issue that she just said, you know what fuck it? I'm out going them at did a I'm done did it. Yeah. I can retire I'm old enough to retire. So I'm out as well, but, but, but she was brilliant. And it was really something. Bruce Timm is involved. In Bruce him anything he does Batman. Yeah. So I got to do it. And you know it was it was so against like people are like people still don't know. And they've seen it and they don't put like joker together with Jake the dog and bender the robot. You know we asked, they don't put it together. They think it, you know, and believe me, I've got enough fucking hate mail from like, not hate mail. But like you know, you know, in the comments section, you know, if I get more Campbell's, the grain is John DiMaggio. You know it's just like all right calm down. But I got a I got the ultimate props from, you know, Mark Hamill like he was just like John. I love your joker. It's unbelievable go. That's a good. Thank. And so it was just like, you know, it was it was really cool. I was like, thank you, man. Can you please tell your fans? Off a little bit fucking ease up. Well, in, because there's, there's a certain type of pressure in that, where you have where you have a character where there's a certain voice that sort of goes along with it in fans. Heads do you try to do an imitation of that. Do you do your thing? I want to do my own thing and and, and craft it from where I'm craft in it and. Thing is for the people. That'd be like no. Mark Hamill is the voice of the joker. He's not he's a great raising, but he's not the voice there. No voices. There is no be more voices. Yeah. There's as long as this story of Batman is told there's always going to be, you know, it's the same guy's not playing fucking MacBeth. All this time..

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