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Burn off this little gut that I've got going to take care of this dad and I know this is something that you guys talk about all the time and something that you guys are concerned about as well because they see it in. There are closed data at facebook group. If you're not part of that group got about twelve thousand guys from all over the world or part of that group and oftentimes guys who post in there and say man, it's time for me to step up. I'm ready to get rid of his dad bod`ed, what do you guys suggest, and those are some of the most commented on Post that happened in the DAD tired group. You'll see hundreds of comments on their of really cool stories of like before, and after of guys who kind of lost track of their fitness and they just got things got out of hand and they got totally out of shape and then they decided they were gonNA, figure it out, and so they'll post before and after picture, and then all the guys will comment on their like dude, what you do or is it key? Does Paleo did you fast for three years? What do you got going on there, teach me your ways and it really is One of our most responded to post that happened in the data group is guys who are trying to get back in shape and looking for advice and ways to do that. So I know this is something that you guys talk about. So this has been the this has been what I've been focused on this week, and this is what have been This is my new thing. If you know me, I get into different things pretty much every week. And this week I'm focused on just men. How do I get back in shape at all start eating healthier being more disciplined, and as I do that one of the first questions I always try to ask myself as someone who's trained. My best to follow Jesus in the ways of Jesus is I was just asked like does God care about this does God's word have anything to say about this? Does he care?.

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