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Into the pie. So it almost looks like it's not a zone but like it's it's kind of weird logan it's basically you have this big fluffy dough thing and then all your toppings are on top of that but like the does like puffed up. It's really hard to describe. It's all it's like a round -troit's style kind of almost like if you took a was it a culture culture culture culture in indian cuisine which is the basically. The nona has something in it. Okay yeah yeah did that but then like once puffed up you took the filling out. Put more dough in there like it's kind of like that. Yeah it's really weird strange so maybe maybe people learned something. There's a colorado in miami style. I don't know and i'm someone that just complained about pizza. Which is like universally. Everyone likes pizza. You know yeah. I mean i like new york style and i also am partial to detroit style. I like it. You don't really like deep dish. It's not really my thing. I like it too but it's not. It's a once twice a year thing. If that you know which. I guess you could argue with you. Only one at once or twice years it really fucking good right yeah But know sometimes. I don't think logically and you know that about me so i thought another thing that was funny and that scene is that people have no idea who serving them pizza. Yeah because he's not. Is he these prenup famous in france. Right repair I was thinking more day. But yeah you're right with that. They have they have no. That guy is right or not. It's like aren't the cameras a dead giveaway that something's going on but there's no they're all just kind of like yeah. Where's my pizza. There was definitely that could gets cool. You guys are shooting some stuff but the fox of pizza. So i thought at first. I thought they're making whole pies for people. Then i realized they're just making pies and then handing out slice handing out people are buying them but yeah. That was confusing. I two because i was like deals gonna take every one of and everybody's getting a pizza from there i think is what kind of the next major seen was When they go to that market and they do a picnic. Yeah kind of thing. I got so excited when he was just like. We need more money for wine. And yes like you know because that's the way it should be like when repairs like we're going to open to reds we're to be smashed like you know whatever but yeah the rate it was They got a bunch of stuff from room. Iran which is like a farmer's market. I guess about ninety minutes from marseille. Bigger good yeah. They just got a bunch of vegetables. Meats and cheeses stuff like that and then there's the whole big seen on just like reincarnation buddhism if you come back what do you think you come back as was that in the documentary..

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