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That content so that we are sharing professional expert advice with our audience, and it's really been great because there's such a connection between wellness and And wealth. And, um, it's not really so much having money and having a lot of money. It's more about being in control of your money. So there are studies done that actually show that you're You are more confident and that woman's number one like the thing that things them the most confidence is being in control of their finances. I believe it so Yeah, yeah, that's cool. And I love that you have honed in on this mission, not only because there is such a need and it's so powerful and leads to the confidence that you're describing. Also from a business perspective, you know, I think it can be very tempting and I've been tempted myself in a fallen into this and this whole before where you want to be all things to all people. You want to cover all those things just be general lifestyle, But I think that there's so much power and and having focused and and people knowing what to come to you for. So do you feel like from your seat that that's been a really powerful thing for you to be known for this financial advice it is, I mean the content. That we create in our company in is really to inspire women to feel see and own their power. So, however, it is that they feel most confident and more most powerful. We want to help them guide them down that path and finance for all of us. Um, we may you know, be shy to talk about it, but it's something that we should be talking about when we should be learning more about so Uh, so so? Yes. So I think even though we do cover a lot, a range of different topics. We always try and go back to our mission. And the the reason why we started. You have a north star that guides you see, you're not all over the place where you know ultimately what? That mission is just so important. Love it. Okay, We're going to talk more about how media companies are changing when we come back from this quick break. I'm Alex Worley. And this is this is rock stars. No entrepreneur. You can keep the sun from setting or add hours to their day. But there are strategies that will help maximize work habits and productivity. Here are a few strategies for efficiency.

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