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Earlier tonight at northern Illinois university, and dozens of people gathered there to remember to alumnus killed in Friday's mass workplace shooting in Aurora rather. Trevor Wehner was enrolled at NYU. He was set to graduate in may. It was an intern in the HR department at Henry Pratt company, Clayton parks, graduated from NIH. He was the company's HR manager. They were among the five people killed at Henry Pratt. Five police officers were also injured suspect was shot and killed so major developments in political crisis in Latin America, vice president Pence traveling to Colombia next week. He'll try to demonstrate us support for the opposition movement in Venezuela. And Meanwhile, Russia now expressing solidarity with Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro. In addition, a US on void will lead a delegation, it'll transport humanitarian supplies and military aircraft to an area of Columbia bordering. Venezuela. ABC news chief national affairs. Correspondent Tom Llamas is in Venezuela. Reporting on the difficulties getting that aid into the country. We've seen Senator Marco Rubio already on the border examining the hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid. But the US sent over here. We heard President Trump in Miami earlier this week. Calling Madero acumen puppet saying he was not as well. And patriot saying that Madero was a dictator also learning that former intelligence chief in Venezuela who's one of the governs. Most prominent figures has now turned against d'oro and the nation's last undecided congressional races headed for a do over North Carolina's elections board ordered a new election and its ninth congressional district race Republican Mark Harris has now dropped his bid to be declared. The winner officials. There have been holding hearings over the past few days and they've explored during those hearings allegations of tampering with mail-in ballots. Harris led democrat, Dan McCreevy by less than a thousand votes after November's.

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