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So hines is a four piece both the both of you plus amber and awda and you said in interviews that you were looking specifically for other female musicians to join your band why was that because we felt so far away from all the mems issue that we knew we were such big funding we really are incredibly huge music lovers when we see someone writing song that we we could cry and we you know like we really really passionate about it so all friends had buns at we loved loved loved so we felt like they became part of the ban they were going to give their opinions of of course like everyone everyone and their opinions would like automatically be more important than i was like we would because we would choose that we would be like okay of course if the singer of this ban is saying that he wrote that i'm going to i'm not right you know like we wouldn't self confident enough to be able to like maybe my decision is you know we've got both of us we always felt like such in the same level of just freedom on we didn't feel that we same level of them and then also like when we started talking about it because we couldn't find any female like well maybe i don't know we we allies that in like the media especially in the spanish media and stuff it would be like yeah the guys make the music and the girls are smiling in the picture and that was really annoying for us because this is this was such a private and we project you know we spent so much time thinking about everything that we like to that's not fair even don't care get what people think steel that's not fair we we worked hard to like started expressing.

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