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And we're backed with a week of keep it with five oscarnominated gas care where um writer for judge his vow of the writer of eitan you a pair of and lewis for tell ya as best actor in a live short i don't know yet have jeff there i would say best animated tall that his cute as my jokes get the oscar nominations are here and your day the second best day of is year oh my god i'm already weeping i can't help that i have a disorder were i just want people to get trophies in front of me how was it like already filing in the info of the nomination as in like into my brain again at making it a part cement and yet satisfying way for this all year it's empty until we get my years empty until i fill in that these blanks like wow mary j blige gets to blanks in my mind yes so the oscar nominations are here they were announced and they're not that controversial this year no i with under mostly pretty radd the snubs are bearable for the most part the job i would say james franco's the most notable snub in that snub as just kind of funny unfortunately because we're not fans of him at the moment where you are times up by indeed i don't know if you've heard so very workshop that name times it's just cell actionable isn't it you can just yeah it works i feel like we're going to get to a point where people are just using it for like he bet for whatever and now that you can and any sentence smith it literally it's like i was on the fence about disaster artist and also times up.

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