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Did it you can stop it second the Kelly or something by the way Lou man for DDR friend Mister fix the joins us in the eleven o'clock hour as we replay parts of Christmas vacation and ask Mister fix it how much would it cost to fix it the griz walled household our news click the daily web poll question a WGN radio dot com and tell my Facebook page two I'm WGN King John on social media should the house vote on the impeachment in seventy nine percent of you said yep send it on to the Senate but twenty one percent of you have been saying no let's just end it now there's not enough there really we all know how that went but it's interesting too because it sounds like the strategy may be to impeach him hold impeach the president of the wait until I'm not texture what Nancy Pelosi has upper sleeve but maybe she won't immediately send the articles of impeachment to the Senate she doesn't ever have to do it technically the Senate doesn't have the trial and tell somebody walks that piece of paper over and says I hereby submit these articles about their argument was they had to do this quickly because the president's actions were danger to the Republic if they do Dicker around with this it really is going to make it sound like it was just a political ploy and not a constitutional crisis that needed to be addressed with impeachment or I think that's probably true that's where my head is on this if if you felt this was necessary if there's a fire then you take it over there right now even if Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham say we have no intention to be fair will take our orders from the president we're going to do what we want to do there's someone shoots someone on Fifth Avenue and you indict them for that yeah right taken to trial right right do you what he did you wait until you get a new jury I mean you get to pick a church but you got a goal right now so that's where that is you can tell I'm getting ready for the missing rascals podcast the mincing rascals we'll talk about that today and will drop that podcast around five o'clock this evening judge best in the state by the Illinois broadcasters association maybe because they hadn't heard of Kelly Leonard's podcast getting to yes and Kelly's in our studio now Kelly welcome back how are you I'm doing good how are you Kelly Leonard famous little Kelly Leonard who you know from second city and who you know from WGN radio in who you know for the podcast getting T. S. N. and you've been focusing on Chicago innovators you've got great stories to tell in your podcasts and what's this now with Chicago innovators so one of the things that we want to do in the new year is we interview a lot of academics and other folks and thought leaders from all over the world but we also want to focus on Chicago as a home of innovation it really is and there's so many great stories here and one of them I didn't even know about until last year when I was asked to speak at an event for group called the tugboat institute and they held at second city and a guy came up to me and his name was Robert Paston and he was the CEO of radio flyer I have I have watched a video of this guy because for some reason I was interested in talking about radio flyer to I think I wanted them to give away some wagons to list or something but that's a family business yeah yeah he's he's great his grandfather started the business a guy named Antonio passed on in nineteen seventeen here in Chicago yeah so he was a cabinet maker from a small village outside of Venice Italy came to America with nothing so we rise in Chicago in nineteen fourteen into this interesting fact when I was reading up on this is that at that time there was actually more than a dozen little Italy's in Chicago so so if you were southern Italians you were gathering on the north side really were Tuscans you're on the lower west so and we thought we were divided today exact exactly the Italians were divided hazard I lied about how about that the northern Italians like Antonio they were on the west side of the city also fun fact the average salary for an immigrant worker at the time was six hundred and fifty dollars so in today's dollars that would be about sixteen thousand dollars a year was six yeah sixteen thousand dollar not not not too they were coming here not making much so they brought their passions and crafts though did yet in so he got a job this piano factory saved up enough to leave and start his own workshop in a one room garage on west Grand Avenue in he was a cabinet maker so it was like you went in you know one make wagons the first thing he made was a hundred and seventy five wine presses now those sold out quickly but he realized he'd saturated the market I don't know what offline was nineteen seventeen I don't know what it is now he found he found the Italians one of them in there they were done so then he decided that he would make sort of modest furniture for the immigrant community and he kept all schools in this wagon that he made in when the families would come over to pick up their furniture the kids all want to play with the wagon while any picked up on this has really smart and so he made his first wagon would wagon and that it was called the liberty coaster and was based off the statue of liberty which he saw when he came in and they sold and so that was the the very first wagon a couple years later he had the idea to maybe make it all out of steel because would be more durable and callously Kerr in that wagon was called the coaster wagon number one in so that did really well he transitioned to all steel wagons but yet was three years later after that that he came up with this idea of a the the what we know is the radio flyer wagon which was named after the two greatest innovations of all time radio and airplanes that's funny because I wondered what how did the word radio here in the wagon it has no bearing on it at all it's just what he thought were the greatest in innovation radio and flyers yeah and for planes so I wonder if he was making it today would be the internet iPhone or the internal tussle or something I mean do you just pick something that's I guess is a very current words yeah because the radial fire did have that sort of zigzag lightning bolts like a radio transmission on it didn't do I yeah yeah I know that's quite right in it and I think I mean it was it was it was cool it was innovative and and this is a coming that's still doing this I mean that that's this is the this is the story when you go through the ark of the radio flyer company is that they were always working within the times they were working which is a huge thing is it with innovative companies is sometimes you have to changing after pivot and you know went went times are how times are and for them I mean the big thing was the depression right so just companies are closing all over the prices were in the nineteen twenties now is not telling the story here comes nineteen twenty nine right and so the way that they survived the depression so by this time they had like a bunch of different kinds of wagons they were making and they still this factory and they they paid their people well I mean that part of the experience of working there they had an Italian chef who got to feed everyone that yeah because he hired a tine immigrants they also brought in English teachers to teach English to these these immigrants who who will work for him so that a couple things happen they decided to only pause for just a minute I'm so touched by that yeah so heres radio flyer the Chicago company right that in this day and age where some companies do that but the lot of companies have cut back I'm just shocked I thought that in any factor in America nineteen eighteen right it would be horrible conditions yet for the employees this this is what they were known for was good conditions and also had insurance and healthcare so food they took other wellness they they help assimilate them into the country teach him the language yep yep K. seven a loyalty you get from that right well my god this is the thing I mean it's a small thing yeah but I think Christmas parties or the pop up celebrations of corporations you just think of all of the memories of things that companies can do or sometimes do that don't return anything on the dollar right that's not an end in that area okay that is right at the point right but I think boy does that return on that investment in you can't qualify you can't say well we spent a hundred dollars on this you're going to get a thousand dollars back on that no but I'm telling you as a lifelong employee everybody everybody that works for somebody knows this and every business professor you ask about this would say the same thing and yet so many companies don't do it don't seem to have gotten that message now I I really just use this microphone do you do that if you want to get more out of your employee I'm going to get more productivity I don't know what I'm talking about I'm just tell me how it feels I'll bet I'm right that will pay off yeah absolutely that you get what you want is your employees to care about your product so that they can then it care about selling it to your clients and I don't think people like working for people they don't like no they don't and and and then what what does that too so if that's your problem you need to fix it and sometimes I think the fix can be I'm extrapolating here but so obvious thrown menial give me a gift have a picnic in the summer I I don't know what the options are for you and yeah it's going to cost you money but boy talk about an investment it's it's a so I'm taping a podcast this afternoon with doctor Wayne bait Baker who's at the Ross school business up at university of Michigan in the book is all about how we're afraid to ask for what we need and we and we should because people are inclined to help you but in a later chapter he talks about just this that the most important thing to drive employee productivity is that they care and it's not about bonuses that's not the thing to try really because that's all I'm looking for I understand the thank you's motivate more than bonuses no kidding really I guess a sincere thank you an email planner probably isn't that's not it and an insincere and sincere.

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