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Phoenix there in new zealand. And it's the they are a member the only new zealand based club to play in the australian Top league and It's a it's a. It's a decent league to be fair mo and this kid basically the last two years at wake forest which is a great college soccer setup one of the elites in the country in the acc but he could have been a pro. If if circumstances within the game and some of these rules had broken differently for him he basically he could have been playing in a really decent professional league over the last two years. So he's a goal scorer He's got good size goodspeed. there's always the caveat this year mo that he could go back and play in this spring this weird spring season that the ncwa double as having because so many even though the acc played last year in the fall Fc cincinnati could put a claim on him and he could still go back and play in spring season. If i understand the rules correctly. So that's something to keep an eye on but Yeah i mean they drafted a guy out of date and some people say he's one of the best dribblers With the ball at street in the country and they got another decorated player out of australia. So you know. We'll evaluate these guys over the course of years but Calvin harris at the top of the draft class really solid. Pick a graduate of the university of dayton. I'm not gonna let you gloss over. Potentially my new favorite player. First of all i need to know how to pronounce his name. He's from norway but he played at. Ud correct me. if i'm wrong. The atlantic ten midfielder of the year or the atlantic ten offensive player of the year. One of those two either way but my guy is it yoenis berg. How do we say his name. Can he play. And will he be the next star for fc cincinnati mo- fc cincinnati failed to provide me with the fanatical. The fanatical details pronounce. That name you've come to the wrong shop there but He he really is a great player. he led The eight ten last year in goals with eleven and assists with nine which is like an incredible hall. Actually he was up there with some of the nation's leading scores so This guy also played a little bit of like soon semi pro amateur. Pd l. With the dayton dutch lions some fc cincinnati fans will be familiar with them. So guys just got a lot of experience and again then. There's a guy who is really like who fc cincinnati you could envision taking advantage of claiming him wouldn't count as a roster spot but would be essentially you know their player and he could go back to date and and they could monitor him for another year or another season anyway. This coming spring. When the when some of the league's play again so That's a really interesting situation to watch there but Yeah i don't. I'm not taking nothing away from your mom. Oh don't calvin harris. Calvin harris get it. He's calvin harris. That's fine but calvin harris is not as smart as this guy got from norway. Who went to you d. Because if he was clearly. but but. here's here's what i can help you. I'm resourceful so on the internet. I found some two thousand eighteen dayton flyers soccer game notes. Are you ready. Here's how this game right now. It's spelled j. E. l. d. b. e. r. g. according to their game notes it's fi- ellsberg so i'm going jonas filed berg. Joe joe i'm gonna say like new york jonas. We'll see all right. I'll get back to you on that calvin harris's the headliner. We think we should be making a big deal about this guy. Yeah i seriously though Like i said the guy was professional level quality two years ago so Hopefully he's a guy that will shoot the ball from unexpected angles and unexpected moments and fc. Cincinnati i it addresses and need to mow because as you and i discussed At different points along the way last season They were not a very good team at putting the ball in the back of the net. They only scored twelve times and twenty three games. Two pretty big impediment to success so even if this guy ends up being adept claire or a project that goes out on loan He is One to keep an eye on it. And i think he could break through with this team and be like a have maybe even have like a frankie level impacts where he contributes in year one outside of the super draft. They've acquired guys whose names. I don't have a hard time. Pronouncing like cody cropper. And ben minds. What can you tell me about them. Yeah well. I like the fact that we can pronounce their names. Because i'll tell you why like you know. It's the team seems to have a propensity for wanting to go overseas and get foreign players. Maybe some aging stardust and bring it into fc cincinnati. There are a lot of really serviceable american players. That you can get on the cheap to do a decent job. It's gonna cost you less money and you know there's the whole international roster spot rule you only get eight internationals unless their permanent residents or green It's just an easier way to do business when you bring guys in here. So cody cropper backup goalkeeper. He has Done his time. Over in england got a lot of experience over there. Came back to the states was Regular starter for new england revolution in twenty seventeen. I wanna say played Started in twenty eight matches that season most recently comes from houston. He's a really serviceable backup. And he's really confident. When i talked to him last week he wants to push to be the starter here so And there's a great job in goalkeeping s. cincinnati. Right now a lot of room to maneuver there. I i don't i don't think that's necessarily set in stone in terms of who's the one who's the to and who's the three And then then mines who is a winger He is twenty years old already has mls experience to be. I you know if we're being honest about his situation. The new york red bulls who are really good evaluating talent. And that's where he's come from the new york red bulls academy They cut him loose at age. Twenty so something there didn't jive and Like i said the red bulls are really good evaluating talent and they said essentially by not bringing him back or not finding a way to bring them back. We can do without this kid but you know what he played last season. He scored a goal last season. Nmls and he has an affinity for fc cincinnati because he was part of The red bulls. Us l. team When they were playing at nippert stadium in in the You know what was effectively minor league soccer here for a few years before they joined. Mls stuff this is a guy that like get. How big fc. Cincinnati is in the community. And when you have someone who genuinely wants to be here and is excited to come. I don't think you can underestimate that value of that at this point. Nasty cincinnati's existence where they're scuttling for success trying to piece things together a little bit on the fly. It seems like sometimes and You know both these guys have genuine excitement to come to cincinnati so those those two things in addition to the fact that they have A lot of room to grow and and take ownership of a large role here. Cincinnati I think that's all very very encouraging. I got two and a minutes here. I'm looking at the tweet. From don garber for the the commissioner of major league soccer where he's throwing things at the players association. Yeah they're trying to figure out the collective bargaining agreement a year ago at this time. Fc cincinnati was. Getting ready to play a scrimmage at the end of january. Were nowhere near that. What is the status of the season. And as best as you can win. Could you guess that the the seasonable actually begin. Well i can tell you that. I i think it would be in the league's best interest and i know people around the league and ownership positions. Feel this way to him. Oh if you can delay the season give people and i'm not going to get political here with Talk of the vaccine. And and covert but There's a there's a train of thought that suggests that if you give the vaccine time to kind of Spread throughout the country and get needles in arms and all that more people might be able to attend matches and ownership of these clubs might be able to recoup some of the money they lost twenty twenty. That's a really big deal. Money's often the bottom line a lot of these discussions. I tend to think that. I've heard Dates in may throwing around. I don't know if it'll go quite that late. But we're basically at a point now where they're not gonna start on time or at least when they usually start. Which last year. The first game was on march march. One excuse me so. I tend to think the season's gonna kick off in in april and that's just for the covert side of it. There's also the labor side like you said. The players association is peeved now This is the third time in less than a year. They've been forced to go to the bargaining table and Mo- to most recent times. It's because last last wanted to renegotiate players are not happy about that so i don't think there's a quick and easy solution for that either. So you've got two things kinda working here against getting season up and running. I've i i don't think it's anyone's best interest to not play. Obviously and i think they will eventually but it could be a while before we make real progress and get into things. We're usually seeing this time of year. Like preseason preseason games awesome stuff is always man. We'll do it again soon. Thanks so much all right mo thank. You have a great one man you to. That's our buddy pat brennan cincinnati dot com the inquirer. He is on twitter at brennan. Ian q it is four o'clock money's malaga. Were guests free until five. Oh five and we have tony. Pauline from pro football network and the nfl draft analyst podcasts. From the believe podcast network coming up in just about one hour at five. Oh five let's do either or when it comes to the reds next..

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