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Equifax discussed on KYW 24 Hour News


The Chinese military have been charged with breaking into the computer networks of Equifax that's the large credit reporting agency Attorney General William Barr says there Tuesday of stealing the personal information of tens of millions of Americans they may be beyond the reach of a U. S. court room but the justice department has charged for members of the Chinese military in the twenty seventeen hacking of Equifax Attorney General William Barr the scale of the theft was staggering as alleged in the indictment the hackers obtained the names birthdates and social security numbers of nearly a hundred and fifty million Americans gerbil jabber with the cyber security firm iron that says this is not a first for China we've known about this effort of the Chinese engaged in against the United States for years and it's taken awhile to call out for what it is CBS news security analyst Paul viola says the trump administration needs to send a strong message to Beijing we're gonna have to take a much harder stance and how we respond to them and the narrative needs to be very clear and very saying that there's absolutely nothing that they can do to us that we're not gonna be able to track back to them Pam Coulter CBS news after a rash of deaths and dozens of people having to be hospitalized because of the cigarettes officials in Pennsylvania taken a major manufacturer of the product to court is K. Y. W.'s just a noodle reports the lawsuit is focusing on deceptive practices Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh apparel says there is no proof that he cigarettes are safe he does not want kids throughout the state using them we are demanding that Jules stop selling their product here in Pennsylvania immediately Shapiro says jul the largest the cigarette company in the country has thrived through the use of deceptive practices jul proceeded to use internally made graphs and bogus promotional materials to try to prove that the products had lower levels of nicotine again ally he says they also purposefully targeted kids their theory was that S. addict them early and have consumers for life jul poured tons of money into marketing campaigns geared toward capturing young consumers that targeting worked perfectly according to Shapiro who says the company got bigger and bigger year after year Shapiro says among other things the suit is asking for jewel to stop marketing to young people and that the company stop marketing E. cigarettes is safe and healthy Justin Trudeau KYW newsradio Hey what I will do news radio reached out to jul but have yet to hear back from the company well the mailing from of the Republican National Committee has come under fire nationally because of well how much it looks like the US Senate US census form now showing up in the Philadelphia area is K. Y. W. suburban bureau chief Jim Miller the mailings totaled twenty twenty congressional district census under the title it clearly states commissioned by the Republican Party but along with a four page letter signed by Republican National Committee chairwoman run McDaniel it also has a two page form that looks nearly identical to the U. S. government census Charlotte resa Bucks county resident mother became one of the news radio reporter got the mailing and she calls it misleading she said she thought it was official it actually looks like the real senses my daughter was with me so I showed there and she's right away said they're not fill that out that's not anything to do with incentives to millions of also been sent to some residents in Montgomery County were congresswoman Democrat Medellin dean says well there's nothing banning the use of the word census or of the similarity of the forms she does have questions why it looks so similar what worries me deeply as any organization putting out something that is deceptive she says she worries people will fill out the form and then ignore the.

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Equifax discussed on KYW 24 Hour News

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