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Follow them on facebook at facebook dot com follow wicks filters as you go along and yesterday we've talked about it already during the pre ratio we had a very exciting expenditure series race we saw a young driver shane lee driving for richard childress nobody's ever heard of this guy and he ran top five top ten all day at a late problem wound up fourteenth brandon jones heartbreaker he's gonna win this race going away going away thank god a late yellow and the pit strategy take on left side tires not right then think it was right wasn't right he fades back to six than ryan priests who had been up front battling all day comes out with the victory it was a very exciting race and with the v h t sticky stuff they put down interns wanted to and turns three and four on the bottom of the race track it made for a great race i loved covering the finnity race yesterday on pit road i was positioned where ryan creases pit saul was on that road but in watching brandon jones and how fast his race car was yesterday i thought he was going to be pretty upset when he got out of the car but he was stoked he was excited he had never led that many laps in his whole entire career total from what he led yesterday finnity race here at bristol so he was very excited had a fast race car at the end the pit strategy did not play out ryan preece was going for broke man he had one hundred thousand dollars on the line with dash for cash he was not giving up and he is here to win he's only in that car for joe gibbs racing for a handful of races this season i think it's about ten races for ryan preece he wanted iowa speedway last year he has something to prove and he said yesterday in the media center i'm not getting any younger i'm twenty seven my almost you know what's funny the extremely drivers at joe gibbs racing calling the grandpa because he is the oldest one.

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