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Due this past summer, which is all kind of the clue of what goes on. Alright, man, Ryan Burrow. Great job. We appreciate Buddy. Stay safe in Chicago man. You either gotta give writing credit to that North Carolina joke to Bruce Ashford lost my in laws. This's this. Justin McConnell sent a letter to McGrath asking for a socially distanced Lincoln Douglas style debate, No notes at the table, no props and no audience. Whoa! Lincoln Douglas style debate. That's where you put him back to back with a revolver. Walking pace is it's the Hamilton Burr debate. This is what it is. What Ben Carson off 15 per for Hey, Three persons remembered. Attorney. I'm sorry, sir. It was you saying I'm sorry. We can't understand you or progra for Krypton. Perfect fruit. I don't I don't agree with this. I think what he's trying to say. Look, I think what my opponent I don't like to say is he wants me to take 15 paces fuse. Right, Mr McConnell. I don't agree with his impersonation because you scare me. So, Yeah, Jenny's what kind of impersonation is that day? Jennings. Say what? I'm just enjoying the dinner theater here. KCC heating cooling folks. Won't you give them a call? 491 98 80 and get yourself that you VC light put on your system. It kills all the germs in the air as it flows on through. It's been around for a very long time. The science Israel It's only 499 bucks. You get the UV sea life. Which for a while, there was head trouble getting them Ah, nationwide because they all they all of them come from China, So they finally have a good big shipment in and they could put it on your home For 199 bucks. You get the light and installed And if you do it before September 31st to free a C clean and check If the bad news is you got to get a new system. If that's where you are, then they can finance you. Don't worry. KCC hated a cooling for 91 98 80. This is going to come as a tremendous shock to both of you and any by this listening, so if you're driving a car should I sit down? You sit down, Dave. You're always sitting, not II stand. Okay, what came down and then everybody's going. If you're driving a jeep, pull over. Give me a couple of seconds to pull over and just put her in park absorb it. There you go. Okay. The daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love from hole. Frances Bean admits that she blew through her $11 Million inheritance. Yeah, shocker. It's weird that it took her hold. Is she Uh,.

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