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The sentencing guidelines, call for up to four hundred months in prison, but bets plea deal. Call for just one hundred eighty months. The judge previously called the deal too lenient, the man known as the American Taliban is out of prison after serving seventeen years of a twenty year sentence. ABC's. Ryan Burrows and Tara Indiana where he was released now that John Walker. Lindh is out of prison. The question remains does he pose a threat to the American public? Mike Spann was a CIA agent killed in an uprising in two thousand one after interviewing walkaway in Afghanistan. His father says Walker Lindh should've worn spent about the uprising family's been fighting to keep him behind bars due to reports. He remained radicalized in present. Don't turn him loose. If there's reports out here that he's not being the model prisoner. The also he is Walker Lindh's probation over the next three years, his communications will be strictly monitored left to go to mental health counseling and he can't leave the country. Ryan burrow, ABC news. Terre Haute, Indiana. The names of six officers who died in the line of duty last year. We'll be added to the Kentucky law enforcement memorial today among those honored in a ceremony at the criminal Justice training center in Richmond, will be Louisville. Police detective d Dreux men Godot who was killed during a traffic. Stop on is sixty four three people are dead. After a trio of tornadoes ripped through Missouri last night, ABC's rob Marciano is in golden city, but a tough start today here and it was a rough night. No doubt about that. Three people in this town, golden city losing their lives in last. Nice going so many properties that are severely damaged situation, where brick walls are, are, are shoved the pieces and big old growth trees are snapped into heavy damage. This is one of several tornadoes that ripped across the state of Missouri last night. The Missouri capital, Jefferson City was also hit hard by tornado last night. Your next news update at eleven thirty. I'm Paul miles. Newsradio eight forty. W. H A, S, Kentucky Anna's. Breaking news, weather, and traffic station. Thousand dollars now text the nationwide keyword two hundred two hundred he'll get a confirmation tanks and info. Standard data and message rates. By this.

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