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And here's our interview with Billy Android Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back to the NOLING podcasts. Here here at the Charles Schwab Championship here on the PGA Tour Champions Solly here joined by Neil in Toronto and we have Billy android here. Thank you so much for joining us. How are you today? I'm doing great. How you guys? We're doing great. We get to talk golf with With talking to all of you guys is the best. You got all the stories and he doesn't have the filter you don't have the the the The first thing I want to ask what did the MLB sponsorship come from how does it. How did that start? So we'll go is enormous. Yes so back in the day of the tour championship. Aping chip having a pro-am which they don't really have one anymore. They always needed a few extra guys to play because Tiger win eight and VJ woodwind six six and you would need a few extra players. So I played for a few years in the Wednesday pro-am got paired with Bob Bowman who launched MLB DOT COM and and with my affiliation with EMC which is now Dell Technologies. They were doing some Cross promotion doing some work with an. It'll be dot com with EMC. Bob went out to the Pebble Beach Mutational as a invite from EMC which was the sponsor of the tournament and we had dinner and he just looked at me. And I said I was getting ready to turn fifty and said How much for your hat? And I threw him a number and he said all right done through your deal throw them a big enough. I guess I did. How did you feel exactly the moment he said yes? It was pretty cool. I was I was excited. Because you know coming out on the champions tour you don't have like my agent said to me. One of the manufacturers is giving you an offer to head to toe which is you know hat shoe ball glove clubs bag and it was thirty grand and it was like You know when I nine hundred eighty eight when I signed my I deal with titleist. It was it was a little more than that. Yeah so I said you know what Thanks but what I'm GonNa do is just just see if I can do this on my own so I got a hat deal got a bad deal. I got sponsored deal that come through like pro-am relationships mainly just You know your your your own brand right. You're you're working for yourself. You're you're an independent contractor and you want to do some some nice things so You know the the hat deal with came up that way and how did did you see the equipment money like dry up just over the years. Is that something the people can sense coming. Because that's that's basically the story from all the way up in the PGA tour of these days right I can't really answer to. The young guys is what they're getting but obviously that whole landscape changed. You know we weren't you know when I first started. Nobody was really getting paid a lot to use equipment and and then it then it changed. I'm remember Duval coming out of college. Getting a big title of Steel Davis. Love got a big deal there for with titles there for a long time. Now that's changing again. So it's going back the other way so few can get four or five different companies to To represent you and and you can add all that up then it adds up pretty pretty well to to have that on the side. Now go out and play and see how well you can do. I'm with companies. That are great sketches great and CVS health is Great. MLB's great worldwide technologies. Is My bag sponsor. Answer they're fantastic. That's a lot of free ads. So so about sketchers in Del Technologies has been you know it was EMC EMC and Dell EMC Dell. Technologies has been fantastic. I've been with them over over twenty five years now so it's it's It's pretty cool. Well I I. I tried to tap into Faxon's faxon's database of stories about you didn't give me give me too much. But he wanted me to ask so you have to ask him about the first time he met. Joe Patchy Oh yeah. Sure sure that that's a good one. That was back in in nineteen ninety. One I won back to back I had a great year. I got invited to the Shark Shootout Sherwood in it was pretty cool for me. It was my fourth year on tour and I got paired. Mike like my partner was was curtis. Strange who went to wake forest and you know I realized as a kid growing up and and to play with him was was you know you know the the quoque quoque dream come true kind of thing but We had a great week and on Sunday. My wife and I were at the hotel. We played early because West Coast we had pygmy done by three o'clock so we teed off early were done at one and we're taking a red is going to go back to my buddy's house and have spaghetti dinner and he was coming to the the hotel in the red light in the room on the on the phone because we had no cellphones back then. The Red Light was blinking so I had a message in the message was from from my friend. Hey I'm coming to pick you up which I knew and I'm bringing Joe Patchy with me. I'm like well. That's kind of odd. This when Goodfellas just hit the hit it in their need the need was pretty hot. Home loans coming out to say it was hairy. Yeah so smashed several role so I I gotta go the bathroom before relieving my packed up getting ready to leave the hotel and so I'm in the bathroom and my buddy shows up and says hey you you ready to go. No I'm I'm in the bathroom. I'll be right out and then the DORK. It's kicked in his Joe pesci standing there smoking a cigar. He kicked your door and said what let's go. We're going to get going when you look at like sitting on the John. One of the bathroom so was My intro to him and then I got in his car and we were driving over it to to my buddy's house and down the road and he said Hey. Do you mind if I that was when you had phones in the cars you mind if I call one of my buddies back in Jersey you. You won't believe I got you in the car with me. So we called his buddy talk to him. Jr talked to him for a while. And then I kind of looked at him and said can I call one of my friends just to say they won't believe I'm in the car with you. So that's kind of how it started. And then we became very close in played at Pebble Beach a few times and he's come to Rhode Island and played in our charity event. That facts and I had for years. So how does your buddy link up with passion. Well they're members at lakeside golf club over in Burbank. Okay near Universal Studios Louis. Oh it's a great course and so that any time of day and they were playing yeah they just pass us a member there and he he would always tell me she's out here so we'll love to play golf with them and eventually you know so That connection started with him bringing them out to Sherwood to watch the tournament just happen. They showed up a little late. Are you like facts in like. Do you know every every celebrity ever pretty much. What's his deal? He knows like absolutely everyone Brad. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Let's just through through golf. You know you get to meet all these folks and some guys you connect with and some guys you don't kingpin. Kingpin was Was a fairly brothers production and my cat. He's Ziggy grew up with fairly brothers. And he's he ziggys to caddy for Dr Fairly all the time. At Kirk Brag Country Club in Lincoln Rhode Island Island and So they all they're all from Cumberland so I get to meet. I knew bobby and Peter through through Ziggy and then Through Cam Nealy Ellie as well. 'CAUSE can I was with Cam after a la open when the bruins came in town. Play the Kings I was in the room and Peter's condo down in Santa Monica where CIBA's had to do is you know he had to do is to see if he was good enough. You have to do this role so for the makers so yes all of the kitchen. Yeah right here. Salt Shaker the whole bit I was I was part of the that that process of him. Getting that role with Bobby with Peter and Bobby for For Dumb and dumber and started there in our relationship started there and then they started hard planning our charity event. And you know my brother Jackson in six Fairly brothers movies. I've been in to my mother's been in one so it's And the cool thing about the fairly as they put all their friends in all their movies. So when you go to a Premier in Rhode Island every seen somebody in the crowd's going Joey. What's your brother's best role? I think is best role. He's playing checkers with Lenny Clarke in me myself and Irene and then the girl was breastfeeding the baby and they all had to go run over to the you know to look outside to see this little this this girls. You know todd breastfeeding the kid. And then Jim Carrey's character changes in in the supermarket and he comes back and rides the the car into the barber shop. I guess they were playing checkers in Side I think my brother Jackson. That was his best his best role there in that movie. And you were you. You were recently hanging out with Larry. David is that right. Yeah so Larry and I have a friend through the fairly They all live on. Martha's Vineyard in summer and I've been over. There played golf with them. I'm over there in. Larry so Larry. We've been friends for a long time in so I just call them today. I'm coming out love to get together. Maybe play around a golf like last Wednesday Wednesday. I wasn't in the program so maybe we can play on Wednesday then the fires hit and he was not going to be in town. I was flying in a Monday into to have dinner Monday night. I just was flying actually flying in and my phone blew up in. Larry emailed me and said that because of the fires there. He's home and we can do dinner so I just left the. I've got my courtesy car and drove up the Santa Monica dinner with them and ended up going to his house. I and we watch the end of the Knick game and then went out and had Sushi so I how to play with it so we took a is it only take a photo and we took a photo and I have all these. I saw my life coach in my sports psychologists. All these young kids get all they have their team gene. Sure so I figured it out. You know who better than to to be my life coach today at fifty five years old. Then Larry I I walk in the door and the first thing he says is you fluid shorts on and I'm like yeah. He goes really weird. Is it weird he goes. You didn't see the curb I did on that. I guess is curb your enthusiasm. He gets on an airplane in the guy sitting next to get hairy legs and it really spooked him out so I fled shorts. All Yeah me too. I don't really have here legs but I didn't think there was that big deal but Larry you thought it was. Larry David on Camera Salzgeber say they say that doing a bit with the shorts thing or is he liked dead serious. Now he's dead. He's dead serious what do you what do I can't believe that you were short on a plane. It's just gross. You can't do that you know. It's it's just inappropriate for him but I've stayed with them for daily open one year and he just got divorced so he was staying in the condo on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica where all the famous people go after they get divorced so ah walked in one day and it was a lot of air quotes be thrown around saying that and I walked in one day and he was getting massages from this woman and it was he was choose..

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