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Yes please there now. They did lose right. Tackle juwan james. He blew out his achilles working away from the team. So they cut him unsure if he's gonna get his money back. Their skill players arm matters right the skill players around whoever ends up eating the quarterback. And we're taping this a couple of weeks before the season starts between drew lock and teddy bridgewater. I think if you're looking for the conservative angle. Obviously you want teddy. Be to be the starter. But drew lock and again he was early. It was preseason going up against the vikings to look good luck. Just passing the i. It was important and again you look at you kind of go into some of the deeper numbers on twenty twenty only forty nine percent of locks throws over fifteen yards were catchable fifth-worst in the league but he has a thirty nine drops which was yes was the worst in the league. Jerry judy eighteen percent drop rate k j hamblur fourteen percent drop rate. I mean caja handler. Just a bomb. They had a minus sixteen turnover margin. Close games in three point games there one and three that you haven't even mentioned that. Have the second best tight end in the nfl from iowa no fan. Yes that george cadle. Tj hodkinson number. one george. Kendall number shrank the schedule based on the win. Totals seventh easiest fifth toughest last year and they also got the short end of the kovic. Stick a couple of times them and they started kendall hidden for a game. So i mean they really if you factor in maybe they saw the rest of the trivia question. What other three. Quarterbacks started for this denver broncos team last year decker kendall hinton a wide receiver was one of them. Trevor la tra drew lock. Sorry drew lock The guy driscoll driscoll who Guy only win in the first six games of the season brett rippin. Yeah so there are so many reasons to want to think. This team could Regress in a positive fashion that was year one with shurmur to we talked about this in college. But like not having the off season the same way new offense Shurmur has been kind to mediocre middling quarterbacks before case keenum you know so this this has a recipe now. I will say drew lock experience well and drew lock to be fair. He raised flag. He did injuries throwing shoulder early in the season last year. That's probably one of the injuries that may be again. Quarterbacks take a step forward in year two yeah and maybe he would if he wasn't injured. Don't think he's a good quarterback. Though i'd also start the season with bridgewater they could be attend team. Here's what lock it's if they start with lock goto and five. Then go to bridgewater eight nine i. It's a very unpredictable. Here he was five and eleven with no defense in carolina last year. That's also true and this defense should be really good. We saw patrick tan dominant west. I think their their defense. It's tough to find holes in this defense and of chubb and von miller. That's been the issue. They haven't really been healthy together for extended periods of time often of line. You know not amazing but should be pretty solid. And they added defenders darby well and that's the big one right because he picked up guys who can play his system vic fangio. We talk a lot about brandon. Staley coming from the rams to the chargers and how he deployed some concepts very similar. Oh vic fangio the guy he learned from. And i think it's important in those defense is to have a guy that you can lock down. So the fact that ser tan and fuller show up two guys that excel in man coverage. It's gonna let this team do some things. I think they were the thirteenth overall defense last year anyway. Yeah they were the eleventh past the anyway they are the best red zone past the anyway Vic fangio is a trustworthy guy when it comes to putting out a defense and so you know we teddy bridgewater does seem like a safe way to get to eight or nine wins. But i do think that drew lot flashing in the offseason is gonna make it difficult and guess what you can always you can always go to teddy. He's gonna be ready. There isn't let's will always take your call last. They go the lady. Just send a over to teddy skill positions around. He's that six. That's the booty. Call the skill positions around the quarterback. Yes we're all first and second round picks first round. Pick jerry judy portland sutton second round town fant. One first round pick k- hamblur second round and maybe drew lock is just average but a average drew lock with this good defense with devante williams things really gonna pop and with scott myers that can that can possibly take take his game. I a little below average though. Okay i mean last year the most interceptions right or he had something like sixteen. That sounds like we like sean. Was i agree with you. I don't know if drew lock becomes any even if drew comes out in his a slightly below average quarterback with melvin gordon and davante williams the hand the ball to with the receivers around him with a with a offensive coordinator who has produced with a underwhelming quarterback before case keenum. Yeah i and a guy. Here's the other one more thing like he's he. Drew lock to his credit is aggressive. He's not gonna be that. Check down guy from twenty twenty two thousand nine hundred nineteen or twenty nine two thousand twenty. He went from thirtieth in aggressiveness..

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