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This is world. I'm driving my co host gene Wilkin and JT English. Hey we're drinking out of JT. Coffee Coffee Cups. Let's get to jump on instagram or twitter and find a picture. I'm sure of our great coffee sleeves that we have here episode you've ever had. There's no doubt about that. And you're handsome guy on today's episode. We'RE GOING TO EXPLORE ACTS. Twenty and twenty one of the discussion. So here we are and Jinnai are are actually. Jt drinking coffee as well. But it's not special coffees. It's not I wonder I I don't know I don't know if I mean obviously the audience can't see but Jinnai have modified our coffee cups with what are I can only imagine our. Jt T. Commissioned custom pessimistic coffee sleeves that have jt on there We've got to the point that quote that says the local churches starving for theologically grounded leaders southern is the premier place. The train them are you. Are you mocking the mission of God? Oh My Gosh. Jr. I'm like he cuts a striking or is it a no. I think it's a respectful that was after I fired. You know this is a big smile of a Man. Who just commissioned coffee sleeves with us on this is yes. I am going to be drug on a warm. We have coffee sleeves at southern made that Jen and I saw on twitter and immediately called. Are we called in our the the scope of our network and said we're going to need those whatever it takes whatever it takes? We want the coffee sleeve in fairness. I had no idea they were GONNA do. I'M GONNA a laminate mine you down on my my My Gen inception selfish. He said he said I'm going to get even with you. And I was like not. This is the payback for doing the math raw shrimp. The audience doesn't know one of my favorite things to do is in a crowd if Jin gets asked for a Selfie to take a Selfie of getting a inception my other favorite thing to do is whenever she chews on a plane. She is like elite platinum and publishes on before we are and I walked by. If I don't know her I know who she is. GonNa work with her and I go are you. Jen Wilkin my wife. Loves your books and I take a fee and then often. What happens to the person sitting next to you? Well either. They Act Super Awkward for the rest of the flight. Or they want to talk about my book. Really I thought you were general component. Wasn't going to say but we were on a flight recently where He we were coming back from this. We ended up. We were speaking at different engagements in the same city ended up on the same flight bag. And so there's just randomly and so we're checking in and And and and JT's like. Oh I'm GonNa make funny on the airplane and I go. What Cedar Are you in? He tells me what CD's in and so. I got selected the seat right next to it I was like I'm going to get on the plane before you because I've status when you tried to get into your seat. I'm going to say no when you need to use the bathroom halfway through the flight. I'm going to say no of these tests had escalate though you do and I had to sit like twenty rows back from where I normally just ask them and the one closest to the bathroom as well for you. This is the best tasting cup of coffee. I've had an on site just fall. Find One of us on twitter instagram. And you can find this picture and you will also rejoice in this incredible coffee sleeve that we have here. Hey I was thinking whenever. It was prepping for this week of boring sermons because the title of this week. I'm very proud of As you know is when the sermon kills one I mean. Do you mean sleigh. Yes he's so proud of it exactly and If you just want to say if you have not pulled your car over there laughing or clapping at that title then this show is probably not for you Because that sermon. This title is Mrs Eight. This is your thank you. I really appreciate that. Well what I was thinking about it. I kept reminding myself I was trying to think of like. What's the most boring sermon I've ever heard and I can think of one story that I've never told you both if you say it's mine we're going to have a whole nother conversation? Yeah a couple years ago he was preaching okay so my brother and I went to London for his senior trip and he did not care a thing at all about going to see Charles. Persians church the church where he had preached at. But I of course of course we have to go so we cross London. I mean obviously we got fifteen times this before smartphones will certainly before we had smartphones and We did not know we were going. So we'd like mapquest directions. We get there we get to this guy's church and of course you know I. It's not preaching that right now that we have long since gone and the guy gets up and he begins to preach he preaches for over ninety minutes. Oh my over ninety minutes. My brother is staring daggers. Because he is like I. This is my senior trip. I cannot believe I'm here and it was listened that he might be a lights out. Preacher but that day who it was I just sat there and I kept. My brother kept going. When can we leave? When can we leave? We cannot leave in the middle of this guy sermon. We just can't do it. I can't allow it to happen. You could've should've yeah. We should have. It was painful. It was painful. I thought his sermon didn't kill me. But my thought my brother might. It might not have thought of that. Most boring sermon of heard. Yeah forget the ones. I've heard some zingers so I think We don't have a lot of boring preaching right here spoiled. Yeah smoker preachers. Well and this sermon. We don't know that it was boring but we certainly know that killed some money and we're going to look at it to the AX. Twenty opens up with what is essentially a map like you. Just you roll an ax. Twenty and it says. Hey after the uproar sees which is the rided emphasis which we talked about last time. We're acts it's this. Polston for the disciples and after encouraging them he said farewell. He departed from Macedonia. We had gone through those regions had given them much incursion came to Greece. He spent three months. They are plot was made against him by the Jews. As he was about to sell for Syria he decided to return to Macedonia superior. The berea son of Paris accompanying him and of the Thesselonians are stark. And Kim. This guy's of Derby and Timothy and the Asians tickets and TRAUMAS. They went on ahead. And we're waiting for us at Troas but we sailed away from Phillipine after the days of unleavened bread and in five days we came to the Metro as where we stay for seven days. So here we are guys one of the most riveting passages in scripture right. You don't mean that will. Sometimes you kind of Duke is like that though. Yeah you're like. Oh Yeah. The genealogy is so exciting. This isn't it. This is a great example of one of those. It's it's not a genealogy but man does it read like one of your life. Why do I care about any of those names that you're just throwing darts and it's so good? What's good about this well so remember where we are right like? We're in Paul's Third Missionary Journey and we're seeing that now. Something new is happening. Or maybe more appropriately. Something old is happening whereas we've seen his influence expanding up to this point now. We're going to see him reinforcing it. So he's going back to places that he's gone before and we know that during this time period this described in this paragraph if you compare it to his epistles that First Corinthians Second Corinthians and Romans or written during this time and they actually give a little bit of insight into why he's making this trip He's making this trip because he's gathering an offering from all of these churches that he intends to take to the church in Jerusalem so in these seven verses what seems like just a bunch of names and places. Yeah behind the scenes. This is the temple of his journey of collection. Right so we get the we get kind of where he goes and then we get this list of these names of guys and each of those people represents one of churches where he has taken a significantly sized church where he's taken up the offering You start to go. Oh I remember these names from other parts of the book of acts and and you might notice that. You don't see a representative from the Church of Philip Pie named in the list. But that's because most scholars would say because Luke who's writing the account would have actually been the travel companion who was representing church. So basically this is like an an entre. It's a it's a A delegation from these other churches who have not taking up an offering they have representatives from each of the churches that are now going to process to Jerusalem and remind remind the audience. If they can't remember why the offerings being collected for Jerusalem just talk and make a good impression when he gets to Jerusalem. Okay no not really. I mean won't hurt right right but no it's it's a display of unity. I mean if you think about it and and also I think Paul is painting that he might. He's run into difficulty just about everywhere that he's gone and so it does help that he will show up saying hey this is this is an offering from churches that are largely gentile church. That is largely Jewish in nature. And we've seen this a little before we saw the church at Antioch do something like this When there was a when there was a famine in the area. They organized a gift. Like this So and then another really cool thing about it is when you start paying attention to the names that are there you find out that you have one of the nicer pairings in here. That's Kinda draws attention. Era Kundus Because Aristarkhov his name sounds a lot like an English word. Sounds like Aristocrat? He's probably someone who's high in society and secaucus means number two so this is probably the second servant in a household so you would have promised the highest slave and then you would have the second slave and yet these two guys are now travel companions because the the you know the the social designator have been removed in terms of their status in the church. I did not know it's really cool. Isn't it it is the end of Romans. We talked about that. I think here before something similar where you have a governor of the city and you have than numbers used as people's names showing. They're actually writing this letter together. They're in community. These things that would have distinguished people before they're Banou Birth in Christ is no longer distinguishing feature. That's really cool. See I like I was prepared to skip right over these versus well tile. Both people are well and we didn't because that's really interesting. I had not spent any time thinking about what was going on behind the scenes or what is going on above all of this journey here but he gets to troas. Yeah and he's teaching and the story. I love this story. This is such a good story. It really is right. Dead guys break. The story tells the story here. Okay so you have Paul Preaching and you have Versus versus this is action or twenty a read seven through nine on the first day of the week when we were gathered together to break bread. Paul talked with them intending to depart on the next day and he prolonged his speech until midnight. There are many lamps in the upper room where they were gathered in a young man. Utica sitting at the window sank into a deep sleep as Paul talked still longer. This feels like a troll talking still being overcome by sleep. He fell down from the third story and was taken.

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