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Radio? I did OK now I've seen everything. PCBs, traffic and weather together. Time can vessel is here with enough data on that brush fire activity on the ultimate past. We've all been spending a little too much time in Livermore today. Because of this situation. It was a vehicle fire that did spark a hillside fire, which is now under control. He's found 5 80 just passed Greenville Fire crews. Still there, though, blocking the right lane to mop up any hot spots to make sure that it's definitely out. So what? That's why traffic is still crawling. He's found 5 80 from Isabelle Avenue. No other incidents, though, to report there no other accidents and also in the East Bay as sore spot has been your right on 5 82 separate crashes wanted San Leandro eastbound 5 80 before Fairmont Drive has been cleared and the same for the crash on the eastbound 5 18 Oakland High Street. Ah, if the cars are still there, they're all on the right hand shoulder. No lanes are blocked. Want to take the Chilton Auto body collision came across the bay to San Francisco and check on your ride to the lower deck of the Bay Bridge. It got a wobbly start This afternoon, We had several accidents on North bound one on one and on the eastbound 80 Skyway all clear now. So what I'm looking at is a slow ride from before the Central Freeway split north bound. Wanna one onto the skyway and in slow and stretches to about mid span, But all the previous problems are definitely out of the way you're next update at 5 58. On the traffic leader KCBS Mancini's sleep World six Day forecast We're gonna hear about it from K P X five's Poul Hagen for finishing off the month of August with plenty of smoke and haze of her head. And that's not going to change much as we head into the first several days of September. Tuesday is another spare the air alert.

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