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Now much more. Saad has obtained new documents that reveal the extent to which australia's gap surveillance base plays a crucial role in us military action including in countries. With which australia is not at war. Pine gap is a joint us. Australian facility run primarily by america's national security agency with a staff of eight hundred half of whom are australian top secret documents obtained by the abc's background briefing program now provides the first clear proof that this surveillance sought is crucial to us military operations in the battlefield from a background briefing in 2017. Pine gap has always been controversial. Its activities the subject of exposes the site itself the subject of protests. Like this one in one thousand nine hundred eighty three the foster lead on this morning eastern summertime about five hundred women under the banner women for survival much to the gates of pine gap the american military communications based outside out of springs. They aimed toward tension to the role of pine gap rollei. Believe makes australia nuclear target reported. Minute of campbell explains watch will happen when the women get their gate cell. Set up camp. The two weeks in the style of women's pace camps in europe and the united kingdom but they will be local variations. Depan gab cam is tree. Patch of desert about ten meters across bounded by the basis access road and the three strand barbed wire fence of an adjoining pastoral lease daytime. Temperatures could reach the forties and the whole area will be flooded not the intervention of the us on the side of the allies in world. War two was undoubtedly decisive and very much in australia's interests but the military alliances since involved australia in controversial wars in vietnam afghanistan and iraq as with all such alliances there are risks and benefits because we are a small country in the us. We do benefit from the experience knowledge. Of what the. Us can bring call the machine and in terms of the experience that we we do. Get it for the jeep and most facilities. That are based in australia. That support the alliance. Actually very small cost in comparison to having sports nine as a completely self reliance defense capabilities that we didn't rely on the door to provide defensive australia. That would be actually a lot more extensive than hoisting. They start facilities during military exercises with. Us of course they outrageous that a lot of debate particularly about how independent australian foreign defense could be and this is one of those debates that he wyatt in his work often raises in terms of we actually thinking critically about what it means to have a truly independent australian foreign in the independent defence force which attend or acknowledges the useful intelligence that australia undoubtedly gets from pine gap but says it also exposes a vulnerability in the case of conflict with china. Over taiwan. there are two really huge issues. Restraining government to consider the the first is with a conflict over. Taiwan can be limited to a conflict over taiwan or whether it will then develop into a major war between the united states and china beyond taiwan and the military that can be pretty clear if he follows it and scenarios there. So that's the first place to the second problem is that it's a war between nuclear arms. And that's extremely important for steiner particularly because of pine gap. I have no doubt that. Now with the united states concentrating its military thinking very hard on the question of war woods. China especially over taiwan pined gaps signals. Intelligence pass these rates tasking sugars which meets daily and weekly and monthly. And so i wanted to coordinate what the satellites will look at what they focus on. That will be highly focused and probably has made for a year or so on the chinese military to pass these on its 'electronic older battle which is basically where the communications facilities for the commands nationally and regionally wear a right officer. He's what are their communications for military operations and in particular what evidence kennel straighten by segel's intelligence through pine gap. Tell us about wear them. Mobile nuclear missile. Starting points are likely to be these. The icbm's which of mobile by road but by hide away tunnels minds but united states has worked extremely high of the last three decades to find ways in which they can begin to track where those mobile missiles likely to pop up. Now that means that. The americans pine gap gaffer's even more important it names for the chinese if indeed a goes beyond the taiwan middle to a general war and then with the possibility of nuclear war then queen gap becomes a very serious chinese nuclear times. Richard tanta is senior research. Associate of the nautilus institute a public policy think tank and honorary professor in the school of political and social sciences at the university of melbourne. The guest was sebastian schmidt assistant professor in the department of political science at johns hopkins university. After sharon lee from the department of security studies criminology at macquarie university. Michael flynn associate professor in the department of political science at kansas state university and david vine professor political anthropology at american university in washington. Dc isabella trump. Yano is a sound engineer for this revision. Five cherry of said you've been listening to an abc. Podcast discover more great abc. Podcasts live radio and exclusives on the abc listen up..

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