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That's one of the reasons that I was saying that Kamala could be a boon to that vote so like you said. Joe Biden is already connected to Obama. So there's already that kind of like mild influence to get out and vote for you know Obama's Bro but then having an actual whether or not you think she's black having an actual black candidate on the ticket to is just that much more. Yes I see where you're coming from but I don't think I don't think the turnout is going to be there I don't think the youth vote is going to be there. And here's. Where I was going to before it's a trap for Donald Trump because. As you said there's a weakness for Kamala. Where in the primaries we saw this progressives didn't like really believe or they SARS duplicitous as we've been saying, they saw her as this kind of law and order candidate. She's put like a lot of people away. She's she's not appealing to as far as record is concerned, not very appealing to what we would think the blackout would be appealing to now donald trump could attack her in that weak point. But that whole realm is a weak point for Donald Trump Joe Biden. On, Joe Biden opened up his campaign literally the first thing he released from his campaign was attaching himself to the Charlottesville protest where white supremacy. This is how it was framed white supremacists rallied and they targeted this anti-racist protester and ran her over with a car. Buying kicked off his campaign centric himself as the Anti Racist Anti White Supremacist candidate and This is electing a black female specifically Kamala Harris is just centering it on race that much more, and this is losing ground for Donald Trump period. No matter how you slice it is losing ground for Donald. Trump if donald trump does go after the weak spot that you pointed out, it's just Going to take himself into a battlefield where he loses. And so. Recently very recently it seems he's going in eight then yeah. Yes. He just did a tweet.

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