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Inboxes ZD's jargon. Well, the ZD thing is we we rejuvenated from sopranos. But I believe Murray uses the kicking is for losers out in other gambling show. So I if they're stealing hours, I think it's a Murray thing, okay? I think we're okay. We're okay. Because it's Murray's ownership. I told him to get a trademark he's working on it, man. I don't know if he's working on it. But I bet so. Yeah. Man. Good stuff any confessions of a non gambler in the UFC betting talk. You know, what when you were saying that? Some of the routes some of the matches are being shaded believed that what is what is that? That's a good question. It's just the money line is that way. So instead of a pick them if it's minus one thirty shaded to the in this case over for talking over on its four and a half, minus thirty five. Okay. So and that's a slight favorite meaning. Okay. Needed that way. And that typically used in the fight space more than the. Yeah, we're just anything that's got money line. And he lets the money line trying to think. Probably on an over under. I guess now that I'm thinking out loudly with that rather than like in this case, if there was a person like page, vans aunt is favored, she's a slight favorite instead instead of shaded that way, I think over under stuff, and that's not. You can say it's favored to go over. But I think it's shaded overs sort of that way. Okay. It's better more procreate term. How about your your action on the Australian Open house that You know, as I do? I do tennis people I need to reach out to them and gets gets a lot lot of dogs. Those always fun about the long shot so holies, but one more question for you. And I know that everybody's here or that listened was for the animated stuff. But there is another boxing. Fight going down on the nineteenth many pack Yao Adrian broder. What are what are your thoughts? Putting you on spot here. I have no thoughts. Let's get Murray's thoughts on. He's a big boxing guy as well. We'll get his thoughts on that that as well. And some of the he's got a UFC pick as well. We'll get his input. Also looking forward to that. All right. Good connecting. And let's reconvene for football later this week. Thanks for listening to be hind the best you can listen to subscribe on the ESPN app or downloaded listen on apple podcasts..

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