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The government understand that they cannot play these shenanigans anymore right up to them and making sure that the people's voice yes the you begin even if this recent a high you're beginning to sound like John Breaux you begin to celebrate John Sears Sears boy so what's what's what's the the future of your film making what's what's the latest on that front well I'm actually on several projects that they need independent filmmaker all the and about one project that I'm very excited about that I've acquired the functions to a book by well known Canadian author called the bishop land it is about where the Catholic Church and regarding child molestation it is the it's a very well did the book and I'm very excited about the script the bay bridge myself right now we are in negotiations with them right it's in there and and some producers and I hope that the twenty twenty I will be able to make that great great and there's another project that I'm working on which I'm very excited about which is about the history of the Middle East in nineteen eighteen and how or you became the evil in the Middle East that have changed it to let you know what now yeah so these are the two people that we live about that I hope that twenty twenty will be a turning point and realize these.

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