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Six three brewers. Get the win in Houston, Sean working hard back at the station because I am a blues fan will lower Brannigan and Gloria if you're not familiar with that, that's the that's the song that the blues play in their locker room after wins and they won the Stanley Cup tonight. So that's fun to play here on brewers extra innings at brewers. Get the win in fourteen innings over the Astros, six three. I hope I said brewers saying, blues, and brewers back to back if I messed that up, you know what I'm trying to say, let's do who's hot who's not at his presented by DNA heating and air conditioning. Who's hot mic new? Stock says my goodness is he seeing the ball. Well, right now two for five with a run scored two RBI's. He hits the home run there in the fourteenth inning that ends up being the difference in the game. It is his twenty first home run. He is really really playing well who's not Houston. Hitters the brewers and the Astros. Just play fourteen innings, how many hits did Houston come up with five five, total hits four. The Astros brand would drift gives up four of those hits and Adrian Hauser gives up one of the head one of the hits, I should say Alex Claudio Jeremy Jeffers, Josh hater junior Garib, they combined for all, but nine innings of this game, and they don't give up a single hit so Astros hitters or really stymied today who's who's not. It is presented by D N heating and air conditioning. Take advantage of carrier, cool cash, now through the end of June carrier and DNA DM at your service, visit DM heating dot com. Cubs did win as well on Thursday brewers. Stay a half game in front of Chicago going into an off day on Thursday. And then they will get back to play coming up on Friday night when they opened up a series in San Francisco, it's going to be. Zac Davies on the mound coming up on Friday night. He is seven to know drew Pomeranz will get the start for the giants. He is one and six he has certainly struggling so far this season. It is a nine fifteen first pitch on Friday. That means our coverage will start at eight forty and I'll talk to you after the game with brewers extra innings here on WTMJ..

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