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Wow really it's take a more constructive approach take a partnership approach to your customers play the long game and the long game will actually work out for you and if info can find out what you're doing and publicly you know what you're saying where should they go to folly best place to find me as actually on lincoln i i prefer the lincoln world to the twitter world so if you actually just search on lincoln for mike johnson and security i tend to bubble up towards the top and david thank you again for joining us you can follow david series at bit dot l y slash c i s vendor that see so vendor that allies lessee so vendor anything else to tell folks about no we're actually going to be finding new home for this series i'm in discussions with publishers right now so so stay tuned in the the lots more in and similarly like mike you can follow me on lincoln as well as that's where the most discussion happens and that's where also posting the videos which are reactions to people's comments on the articles excellent our email addresses feedback daily news show dot com our regular show is live unday through friday four thirty pm eastern you can get these labs episodes early as a patron at pitcher on dot com slash dt ns next i.

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