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Bernardine talking about in more depth not with ed baxter rob bloomberg nine sixty san francisco newsroom yeah rish that is the question i've been talking about it we're told for weeks now this is the trump tweet i'm pleased to announce it effective four nine eighteen etem basseterre john bolton will be my new national security adviser i am very thankful for the service of general h r mcmaster who has done an outstanding job and will always remain a friend there will be an official contact handover on four nine mcmaster has been talked with the president for several weeks about the two apparently stepped up the process because the talk was getting in the way of his talking mcmasters talking with foreign officials facebook ceo mark zuckerberg has been called to testify before congress regarding the data released for millions of people at wound up in the hands of cambridge politica and tied to russia representative chris collins says he expects to show up at any hearing saying he's gotten his head handed to him any ceo to america especially with a company with a market cap of facebook should be very concerned when he has united republicans and democrats not many folks have been able to do that he calls zuckerberg and arrogant individual meanwhile what kind of if any regulation is needed well koran mcsherry the legal director for the electric frontier foundation says trust has to be earned seems to me that is asking us to trust facebook they're saying we're going to put some things in place trust us we'll do a better job i don't think they've earned that trust she says facebook is owning the facts of the case not owning up to them at all trump attorney john dowd has resigned as the clashes within the legal team regarding the muller investigation rage bloomberg's winnie oh kelly says the large question is whether muller will be fired but short of that it's been talk about whether sessions to be replaced with someone else step into that role would exert oversight the funding beaker tailed for muller and.

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