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Up at the top of the hour right about four minutes after it's my strawberry letter, Ford today the subject my best friend side piece was in my bed. What? My. Si- piece was in my bed. But right now the nephew is here we'll get into that one. But the nephew right now is here with today's prank phone call got Nath. was surely you know. I've been doing this for so long just you know. I have a few celebrities that I've pranked before in my life. So this one right here is David Mann. David Mann Prank David man you ain't you ain't never heard it he go. Let's go can't. Hello I'm Sandra. How you doing this is nephew Tom Employees. Yes ma'am we don't play phone call you'll son David Mann the day. All right. Okay. So here's what I wanted to do. I. Want you to call David and tell him hey, people came over here asking me by paying that bill and I'm not paying field and then got smart with me and I shut the door on him I told him to call you okay. You get with him I'm going to call them back as I'm that me. Okay. Okay I'm picking. Do a add on their Kahuta handle. Okay. Do that on the whole don't all right. We'll figure that I can get food, right? Okay. You did good though. He'll call you back in a minute complaining that we've been praying for him I right? Okay. God. Bless. Bye Bye. I Love Golf? Hello. That type of work on Parker three fourteen. Hello, I'm looking for David please. This is David Okay this is Jim. Barton Green. Apartments is your mother missile. Yes. Yes. Sir. How can I help you? Okay. We got a problem here. I'm the new general manager here and I'm just getting this thing brought to me about. Your mother not saying a water bill or and we we gotta get this matter taking any and other right now I've been instructed to actually go in and get your mother and take her completely out of the apartment building. Okay. So tell me what the problem is. Plaguing me what the situation is situated right now is no one has played this water bill whatsoever say, thanks for my understanding and she only one hundred and six dollars and she goes far more. The net is not paid a water bill at all I. Mother I I wanted to tell you and your mother was very rude to me and slam the door in my face. Okay. So Limb Yeah. Let me I'm just trying to understand situation. So the water bill hasn't been paid in hollow for what I'm looking at it gets at least four or five months and what it looks like on the paper. Okay. So it's four or five months behind yes, it is okay and so how much is I'm going to have to tell all this up and get everything lined up as far as the number. Have a bright now. So if no one's paying this bill in the next thirty minutes, I am instructed to put your mother out, unpack her things and put her out and that's not what I WANNA do. But as rude she wants to me you know at this point, I'll tell you what they don't give a damn. So I think I'm I'm just here to try to help make the situation better. So I need you to take a deep breath for me and calm down because I'm I'm Tom. So let's just like you know I. Don't know. I would be calm to had your mother, not a slam, the door in the face and say things therefore, she shut that door I. I'd be trying to work as calmly as your work that right so so what do we need to do? I won't be able to do within thirty minutes but I. Just find out how much it is. You know from what my understanding was a hundred and nine dollars or something hundred, six dollars for at least four months that what's the problem you know what is owed right now that hundred and six dollars Sir he's one month. How is it? How how I get my question is how did the water be hundred and six dollars for a one bedroom apartment with one person a hundred and six automobile this Kinda. I don't you think I mean, I have no idea what your mother's doing known. Of Water, or I have no idea about she's washing everyday and run an all the water every day, a hundred and six dollars for one for an apartment is a bit extreme i. mean wouldn't you say yourself? That's a bit hi Sir I understand that you had some issues about what the amount of the bill is. That does not get in in the middle of the fact of how far behind we all that's a problem we have I'm far behind okay. I'm just trying I'm trying to resolve. We are five months behind much. So how how much is the be for five months? I'm getting I'm getting her to tally that up have the right now but let's get back to the issue of someone not being able to get him thirty minutes. Is there? No one can get here and take care of this bill and let's let's figure out how much is and we'll I'll try to get that worked out. So, you can give me kind of tally on what it is. I had to guesstimate I mean let's let's look at the fact that here it is a hundred and six dollars on one month. You know let's say it's roughly a hundred bucks each month you know you're looking at five hundred bucks at least you. I I have to say a hundred dollars for I. that's that's interesting. You know the problem that bothers me you people won't pay your bill wait a minute I need you to relax 'cause I did I got a mother over here. That's apparently you must be the caretaker of and you're not taking care of your mother from what it seems like what I need you to do is relaxing and not not the accuser to that's what I need you to do I need you. To do is send up Sir and take initiative. But whatever responsibility, and then if you're responsible for your mother, then you can take care of you know what you're upset right now and you're not gonNA. Get me upset with you because you don't know what's going on and I. Do not care about your 'cause. That's. Phone with you right now my job is to get her out of the apartment. Packard. Things up because the bills paid and she's saying she's not paying it to take it up with her. You what you're trying to get me to be where you are I'm not GonNa go now. I'm not trying to get you to be where I am I'm trying to get you to take your mother if that's your responsibility and if it's not I live it up to you and I going back and forth on the phone and you you have an attitude that you have. What's what good are they GONNA do? What is it going? Are you somebody that sits at home and you need to get your stuff and get a job? What do you need to do to get your mom taking care of? So I do get. And this is not that I'm not gonNA be the angry black man wake you sir I have a lot more Cincinnati. So what I what? You're not angry black man. You're lazy black man that's the problem with P.. You let people with us don't want to work on it they. Check everything when the Russell without here. When the WHO who's at busting what I don't know. Just go you're the manager of the apartment you WanNa know who, I? Yes. I am nephew Tommy from the Steve Harvey Morning. Show and your mum and David Zoom you got me to break. Yoga. There's. Him 'cause I get in. Up Dave you Oughta to personal liberty. Kept his composure. To You. GotTa. You GotTa do this. Man Miss the brand what is debated radio show in the late Steve Harvey Morning Show I got frightened by nephew. Wrong Thomas. He didn't. You, call me about my mom I'm going you out so so bad. Enough into gold remove my momma from a blanket. Boiler till you, right. assisted. Living premieres tonight premieres tonight J.. Anthony. Brown nine, eight central. It Starts J. Anthony Brown and of course David Mann. So.

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