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It feels like a clay. It's a lot of Mary's and you know what's funny. Here's what I love about scholars and Aaron can maybe explain this I looked at Mary wife of Columbus because I was trying to figure out who was yes. Other than just her husband. Yeah and it was so funny how many scholars we're like we're not really sure who? was and I meant it literally says in the Bible Mary, the wife of Clovis. And it's his mother sister. Why is there confusion on whether it? I love scholars who like just don't know if we don't know but wasn't enough that was Mary Sister Cope is really mean though. Jesus sister could be a metaphor Jamie. You don't know that not understand understand that I just I like I like three Mary's I feel like it would be like if we watch scary Mary just so many somebody marries I. Want I WanNa Watch TV show where everybody's named Eric you know all the all the white guys named air. That's why three M named their company three M. O hundred percent hundred percent that's what three hundred kind of products they make here at the Bible. Bench we're grateful for Modern Day Bible translations can you imagine trying to read ancient Hebrew Aramaic or Greek? That would be a show for you but for centuries, scholars have diligently work to make those old words in context understandable to people whose native language is something else. We've mentioned a handful of translations during our episodes, the king, James Version, an IV the. ESPN. And so on. But sometimes, it feels like things just get lost in translation. I'm sure you've had a moment where you've read a particular line of Scripture, lifted your head and said to yourself it happens to all of us if you've ever gotten lost in translation or wondered why one Bible says a text one way and another has something else you need to know about this new Bible the net or Net Bible love the Net Bible it's completely online. I love all the notes that they took it super fascinating for ease of use. You just really can't beat it over twenty five years ago. A group of Seminary Bible Scholars got together to create a free. Bible translation and in the process did something no translator in history has ever done. They documented all of their translation decisions from the original languages in over sixty thousand translator notes the result total transparency into not only their translation but all of your favorite translations to used by me our own resonant.

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