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And thin one hour from now I have Ah, question for you. I'm guessing your initial reaction will be to push back against it. But I want you to follow me here for a second. I I read about this this morning in sports Illustrated aside calm. And I had plotted it out for a topic tonight. In this hour before the Reds game even started, and then is the Reds game unfolded. I said, Well, this topic fits perfectly. You know by now, the brouhaha earlier in the week of Tony LaRussa and others being bent out of shape that the White Sox player was swinging at a three, you know, pitch in a game that was totally out of hand. It was 15 before it was the ninth inning. Ah, position player was pitching Heathrow 47 Mile in our office pitch was clobbered for a home run. And the whole debate was man. You're you're you got enough Run! Drop 15 before you shouldn't be swinging on a three. Oh, pitch. Well. The premise of the Sports Illustrated piece today was Instead of telling your mean Mercedes, the White Sox player earlier in the way to to stop trying. Hey, don't don't swing at that pitch. You're already up 15 to 4 instead of telling him to stop trying What would be wrong with letting managers declare the mercy rule? On themselves. You ever played knothole or little League? You know the 10 run rule, right? You know if after whatever level you were playing on after four innings If your head by 10 it's the mercy world, the run rule the game is over. The idea presented by Sports Illustrated is What happened in that 15 to 4 game and I would tie it to what we witnessed today. A great American ballpark. It's a silly cartoon version of baseball. I mean, for goodness sakes, the Reds used to position players in the ninth inning. Today is the first time since 2000 since 1902. According to the Elias Sports Bureau. The Reds used to position players to pitch. Alex Blandino pitched an inning. Then he came back for the ninth. He walked the pitcher to lead off the inning. He walked another batter. David Bell went and got him and it was Max truck who pitched I mean, I was feeling this in the third inning intended nothing. The thought of well what? What's the point now? At 19 to 4. I was certainly not the only one saying, What's the point in doing this? And so, Sports Illustrated suggest that imagine a world where a team could concede and hit the showers. Nobody's feelings would be hurt. No unwritten rules would be broken. The twins could decide like they did on Tuesday, or a team could decide to keep trying if they wanted or they could concede. Major League Baseball already has a seven inning game. As doubleheaders. They've decided to 17 years or five for those. So what if you said You are allowed to concede after the seventh inning, rather than play a 15 to 4 game, or 19 to 4 game with the ridiculous and nonsense going on, with position players batting unwritten rules of swinging at pitches, trying to hit home runs all of that. What would be your thought on that? Sports Illustrated mentioned it happens in other sports. They point to the two best golfers ever. Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods both conceded shortcuts to end the Ryder Cup. Nicholas and 69 Tiger in 2000 and 12 competitive chess players resigned when defeat is inevitable. It happens in cricket. Says Sports Illustrated. Boxers and trainers could decide they're not going out for the start of the next round. They could throw in the towel. So Sports Illustrated says Let him quit. It's okay, really. Now. They contend you should be forced to play at least six innings, mostly so the fans can get their money's worth. But once the seventh inning starts If you want to concede. You can concede. Unwritten rule problems. No more. Position players pitching no more. Call it the Yogi Berra Rule, said Sports Illustrated. When it's over, it's over. I'd be curious. Somebody grab alive. If you're a diehard baseball fan, 5137491 7800 the big £1.700 on a TNT would you have an issue with a mercy rule? Run rule. If you watch today, I don't think you would. Because that was his difficulty. Game is I've watched in a long time I joked earlier. I said, I've had root canals, but I was numb for a root canal. The third inning today got so bad. That YouTube, the broadcaster of the game, put up a running clock in the corner of the screen to show you how long the Giants have been hitting. Believe it went over 34 minutes for their half inning. They batted around. They scored nine runs. The Reds used three pictures. It was 10. Nothing after three. Itwas 14 to 1 of the fifth. It was 18 to 1 in the seventh. It was 19 to 4. The final Any issue with Pick your inning. Sports Illustrated says six After six Today would have been 14 to 1 red. You're running short on pictures. They've used a ton of them throwing a ton of pitches lightly. Gotta get another game tomorrow. David Bell simply walked out motion of the empire We're out of here. We can see. Made it a poll question on Twitter at Lance McAllister. I have not checked the answer. I would be curious of the reaction. I would guess there would be an overwhelming no vote in a push back. Um Didn't find it like cool or funny or Different watching Blandino pitch and then shrug pitch. I just I thought it was sad and unnecessary. I just I thought it was more Like Bad joke like embarrassing that it was finishing at a baseball game. I think I think you'd be more dignified to the game to say that's enough..

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