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Welcome back to our special election. Coverage and many are calling it this midterms November surprise Donald Trump's own lawyer leaking allegations that Trump makes racist comments behind closed doors. Michael Cohen dropping that bomb in the pivotal final weekend of the campaign. The White House hasn't denied this story. And Cohen got specific alleging Trump said this about apprentice finalist Kwami Jackson, quote, there's no way I can let this black expletive win. Kwami Jackson is here for his first TV interviews since the story broke the Harvard Business School grad made it quite far on the premium season of the apprentice and Trump fixated on Kwami a tough competitor in some of his discussions with other contestants. So it comes down to a candidate with a high school diploma was led. Well, a Harvard Business School graduate Nick Guam as good. He's good. He's good talking. Sorry. Let me finish. Do you think? Wami is good. He's good. He's a Harvard guy. He's very smart. He's good with another pretty hard. Quami? Thanks for coming on the beat other than Michael Cohen's account you ever separately heard that Trump made those kinds of racially charged or racist comments about you. All right. Thank you for having me number one. It's an exciting time. It is midterm election time. It's the game that we've all been waiting for. And so we're all ready to jump in. And no, I personally never heard that language directly from Trump. But what I want to urge people to do number one stop playing racial bingo with President Trump. Stop waiting for him to give you the key words. So that he can get a triple letter score. And we can say, oh, he's a racist. Or some big thing has being knowledge that we already knew whether it's the way that he speaks about the NFL players the way he spoke about mayor Gil him the way he speaks about Mexican immigrants the way he speaks about the caravan. It's like how we could quickened can get to that. But let me fact fighting part of my job. This is a huge story. I think you, and I know if Barack Obama were allege credibly by a close associate attorney Friday before the mid terms of making racially charged racist, anti white statements. I think it would be everywhere all day all night all networks forever. And this. One like something seems for some to come and go. So on the on the allegation here. Do you believe Michael Cohen's account that Trump said this about you or based on your interactions or what you know? You're not sure whether it's true. No. I certainly believe it at this point said there's been enough data point that says that President Trump is a racist. And I think we should stop playing this. Rachel, bingo with him to figure out how many times he has to prove that he is who he is. Let me play for you. Afraid now, I'm not sure if I'm I don't wanna play bingo. But I'm afraid I'm gonna play something. Some people may not have heard that as part of Donald Trump's closing argument statement he made here at one of his rallies here. This was Tennessee October take a look. This great state state of Kennedy. See? Ward sue, the sweat and sacrifice of tough pioneer men and women people good genes, you have good. Gee, this is the state of Davy Crockett and Andrew Jackson. Do you think that part of Trump's closing argument these midterms has been racist? And if so what should people do about it? Well, let's not forget that Tennessee's. Also, the state of Nathan Bedford force in the state that the Kuku clan was started. So Tennessee has a mixed history. And I don't wanna take anything away from that great state. But let's play both ends of that spectrum in terms of what people should do people should finally get out and vote their conscience, what they have to realize is stop acting like your vote doesn't matter whether it was Georgia. Whether it's Florida Florida was only one by President Trump by one percentage point, which totaled about one hundred and thirty thousand votes of the twenty million people that are in flor-, Florida. So people have to realize these elections are going to come down to super super small module numbers. Maybe one county maybe a couple of precincts. So we have to get out and vote like Representative said we have to vote like we've never voted before..

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